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We invite all UC Davis students and Campus Recreation members to participate in our Aggies At Scavenger Hunt Competition! The competition will feature various weekly missions that will need to be completed in order to earn points, with prizes awarded to the top teams. Teams can have up to 3 members. Registration opens April 19 with competition beginning week of April 26.  Competition will be FREE to all participants with a valid Fusion account. 

Tell your friends and register for Scavenger Hunt today. Come As You Are and become an Aggies at Home Scavenger Hunt champion!

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Scavenger Hunt

There will be weekly scavenger hunts with about 15 missions to complete by the end of the week. Some weeks will have additional missions that are tied together by a theme such as nature. Completing these missions will earn your team points that are based on level of difficulty. Teams must submit proof via Google Form to our staff via pictures taken of completed missions.

Scavenger Hunt Mission Schedule

  • Week 1 Missions: Date April 26-May 2 | Missions: Flowers in Bloom, Ginger Bread House, One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure, I Scream for Ice Cream, Ancient History, Working Hard or Hardly Working, Work Hard Play Hard, X Marks the Sport, Yarr Pirates, Alphabet Soup, Mural Mural on the Wall, Garden Fairy, 3 Riddles to Solve | Registration closes May 2 at 11:59 p.m. | Google Form
  • Week 2 Missions: Date May 3-8 | Missions: Dressing in Layers, Make it Work(out), Business Up Top, Brother Nature, Suns Out Guns Out, Duck Duck Darling?, Alphabet Soup, Think Outside the Box, Film Dubbing, Extreme Couponer, Like Mike, Inked, 3 Riddles to Solve | Registration closes May 8 at 11:59 p.m. | Google Form
  • Week 3 Missions: Date May 10-16 | Missions: Throwback Thursday, Mental Health Check, Alphabet Soup, Staring Back at Me, High School Musical, Moo-terial, Young Dumb and Broke, Peter Pan, When You Wish Upon a ..., Itty Bitty, Price Tag, Environmental Design, 3 Riddles to Solve| Registration closes May 16 at 11:59 p.m. | Google Form
  • Week 4 Missions: Date May 17-27 | Missions: Aggie Pride, Cow Tippin' Team, Zoom University, TJ's Run?, How do you Rec?, If you need me I'll be Here, How Arb You? Tree Hugger, Davis Mooterial, Racks on Racks, Farmar Foodie, Third & You, Get Crafty, Copy Cat, Tell me you to go UC Davis without telling me you go to UC Davis, Rock on Gunrock, Spring Training, Horses in the Back, A for Effort | Dorms Competition: My name is ___?, Davis DC, Spring Cleaning, Not quite the Rearview, Hit the Quad, Aggie Cash, Say Cheese, Dairy Field Forever | Registration closes May 27 at 11:59 p.m. | Google Form


Scavenger Hunt Rules or at bottom of page

Scavenger Hunt Registration Tips

Register Now

Once you get to the  Fusion IM registration page, you will need to filter for Spring 2021. You can then choose which week you are competing for.

To compete as an individual or captain your own team, select Scavenger Hunt, choose Register as Team, enter a team name, and select Yes to be part of the team. If you are looking to join an existing team, select Register as a Player and pick the team you want to join.

The Free Agent function is not applicable to Scavenger Hunt, as you are allowed to compete on your own.

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