Lap Swimming Reservations are open!

The UC Davis Recreation Pool has returned to limited operations, however it is important to note there will be some initial restrictions. 

What are those restrictions?
At this moment in time, the Aquatic Unit is allowing Campus Recreation Members and current UC Davis students (Summer Session 1) .

Lanes will be available to non-CR Members at a later date. If you would like a Campus Recreation Membership, click here

If you wish to lap swim, you will need to reserve a lane ahead of time via the online Campus Recreation portal. There is a maximum of one swimmer per lane equaling ten swimmers in the facility at one time and Aquatics politely requests to come to the pool swim-ready.


Users of Rec Pool lap swim reservations must be 18 years or older and may only swim once per day. 

Lap swimming is split into one-hour sessions across three different blocked times: morning, noon, evening. There are time breaks between each session so that lifeguards can test the water chemicals and clear the pool deck to clean and sanitize before the next session begins.

Each session allows 10 patrons to swim. There are eight lanes available online and two for walk-ups. These two lanes are first come, first served. Please be aware that if all of the lanes are reserved and you don’t have a reservation, you will not be able to enter the facility.

Walk-up users of the Rec Pool must be Campus Recreation members or Summer Session 1 students.


Weekday Block Times (Monday-Friday)


Morning Block


High-Risk Population Block ONLY



Noon Block


Evening Block


Weekend Block Times (Saturday & Sunday)


Morning Block


High-Risk Population Block


Afternoon Block


So How do I Reserve a Lane?

1. Head to
2. Scroll down and click the Aquatics icon.
3. Next, select which block you'd like to reserve in; Weekday, Weekend or High-Risk Population. 
4. Next, select which time you'd like to swim in. Remember you may only swim once per day.
5. Follow the emergency contact and specific lane reservation prompt and add to cart.
6. Review your cart and checkout - feel free to bring your confirmation receipt to your reservation.



Psst - Super Secret Tip: To save time, once you’ve added a Day/Time to your cart, click “Continue Shopping” and follow the same process for another day. This way, you can reserve your times for the week!



Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lap swim require a reservation?

Yes, at this time, in order to guarantee you a lane you will be required to have a reservation.

When can I reserve a lane?

You will be able to reserve a lane for lap swimming 5 days in advance. Reservations are made on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis.

How can I reserve a lane?

Please follow the directions above. 

Does the reservation system close at any particular time?

Reservations will close 24 hours prior to start time. After this time, members will no longer be able to make reservations.

What is the duration of each lane reservation?

Reservations will be for 60 minutes. At the end of your time slot, the lifeguards will clear the pool deck to clean and sanitize before the next group arrives.

How many reservations can I make? Can I reserve spots for someone else (Husband, Wife, Friend, Sibling, etc)?

You may not exceed one reservation per person/per day. You can reserve spots through the UC Davis Campus Recreation Portal for each dependent when selecting Day/Time(s).

How will I know if my spot is reserved?

You will receive an e-mail confirming your reservation.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

If you need to cancel your reservation, you can do so in "Orders" via the UC Davis Campus Recreation Portal. Please do this as soon as possible to allow other members the opportunity to reserve a lane. Or you can cancel by calling the Rec Pool at 530-752-2691 or emailing the Aquatics Coordinator, AJ Rooney.

Is there a penalty for making a reservation and not showing up?

Yes. If a member does not arrive within 30 minutes of the beginning of their lane reservation, their lane will be added to the walk-up list and the member will be marked as a no-show. After three no-shows, the Aquatics Unit reserves the right to suspend membership to the Rec Pool Facility for three days and suspended patrons will not be able to make lane reservations (including walk-up spots). After these three days of suspension, members will be able to make reservations again.

If there are lanes available but I don't have a reservation for one, can I still attend?

Yes! For every swim session, there will be two unreserved lanes. These are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. You are welcome to have a lane if there is availability. Please check at the Rec Pool front desk to see if any lanes are available. If however, all of the lanes are reserved and you don’t have a reservation, you will not be able to enter the facility.

Is there a limit as to how many reservations I can make for a day?

To ensure all patrons are able to Swim, the Aquatics Unit are limiting members to one lap lane reservation per day.