Campus Recreation FAQs

During these challenging times, the campus remains committed to providing a broad set of physical activity and recreation opportunities to all students in the most cost-effective manner possible through the Campus Recreation program. Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the Campus Recreation program.


Class/Activity Offerings

Which classes/activities are available at Campus Recreation?
Students can access the current list of available classes at the Campus Recreation events calendar or website. We are currently planning for Fall 2021 offerings and will expand Campus Recreation classes/activities based on student interest and feedback, as well as what is possible based upon public health guidelines.

Will any changes be made to current Campus Recreation offerings?
Campus Recreation continues to consider student interest and feedback in the programming it offers. Our goal is to maintain a suite of offerings that support student safety, health and wellness, and a sense of belonging on campus. We are looking to expand our courses for the 2021-22 academic year. With regard to student safety courses, we plan to continue offering classes such as swim lessons and First Aid/CPR certification, with expansion of our self-defense course offerings.  

Will beginner or instructional classes be offered?
Campus Recreation offers a variety of opportunities for beginners and a range of ability levels. As an example, 1:1 swim assistance sessions are currently offered at no cost by reservation via the UC Davis Recreation app or website. Campus Recreation will offer swim lessons in person at the Rec Pool as soon as permitted by public health guidelines.

Will a self-defense class be offered?
When public health guidelines allow, Campus Recreation will offer multiple sessions of a 10-week self-defense course. Currently, Campus Recreation offers a free virtual Hapkido (Korean martial arts for self-defense) taught on the Campus Recreation facebook page. All live videos remain as recorded sessions to use at your convenience.

Who teaches Campus Recreation classes/activities?
The courses are taught by certified instructors, predominantly students who receive comprehensive specialized and baseline training. Instructors receive specialized training and earn certification in various areas (Examples are TRX, Zumba, Cycling, Personal Training, etc.) from a master trainer on how to safely develop programming and to teach in a specific format. In addition, all instructors complete baseline training in biomechanics, exercise physiology, anatomy and physiology, and first aid/CPR/AED. Our program is supervised by senior staff who support the development of all instructors.

Do students earn academic credit from Campus Recreation classes/activities?
Classes taken via Campus Recreation do not provide academic credit; however, some classes may offer a certification, such as First Aid/CPR.  


Class/Activity Enrollment and Fees

When will I be able to enroll and participate in Campus Recreation classes/activities? How do I enroll
Students can enroll in classes/activities offered now via the UC Davis Recreation app (recommended) or the Campus Recreation website. Enrollment for Campus Recreation classes/activities for Fall 2021 will open in early September.  

Is enrollment in the Campus Recreation classes/activities based on availability?
Enrollment for classes/activities for each quarter is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and capacity may be limited by various factors, such as space, equipment, staffing, etc. Please note that we are expanding our offerings and the number of classes for Fall 2021.

How much do Campus Recreation classes/activities cost? Are they covered by my tuition or fees?
During COVID and remote learning, most of Campus Recreation’s in-person and virtual classes/activities are offered at no cost.  The classes/activities that have a fee are listed below, and students can apply for a fee waiver to participate while space is available. We are currently planning for Fall 2021 offerings and the expansion of Campus Recreation classes/activities based on student interest and feedback. Our hope is to reduce fees associated with Campus Recreation activities in Fall 2021.

For those classes/activities that have a fee, is there a waiver program to help students with the cost? 
Yes. Campus Recreation has a Fee Waiver program to help students with costs and make recreation and wellness opportunities more affordable. Applications for the Fee Waiver program are now being accepted for Winter 2021 programming. The programs currently eligible for a fee waiver are the Equestrian Center (riding lessons and guardian angel training), Craft Center (drawing boot camp people, drawing zen tangle, ceramic handbuilding, felting, and studio day pass),  Living Well (personal training and dance class), Outdoor Adventures (gear rental), and Sport Clubs (admin fee).  Awards must be used through the portal.

Visit the Campus Recreation website for more details on eligibility and the application process for the Fee Waiver program.