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Nutrition Counselor

Community Nutrition
Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition
Nutrition Education
Quick & Healthy Recipes


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Nutrition Philosophy

Keep things simple and stress-free.


Hello all! My name is Meigan, I am a senior and transferred to UC Davis in 2018. I enjoy painting, yoga, and video games. Cooking can be fun, but I personally like to minimize my time in the kitchen. I like to make quick, healthy meals out of simple ingredients that are perfect for busy college students. I especially love making vegan and vegetarian meals. I believe in looking towards legitimate research and listening to your body for a balance of healthful nutrition.


  • Community Nutrition
  • Nutrition Education
  • Quick and Healthy Recipes
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes


  • Yoga
  • Video Games


  • Major: Clinical Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Science, University of California, Davis
  • Expected Graduation Date: June 2021