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Aesthetic based hypertrophy training
Strength training
Power training
Mobility, flexibility and stability training


Fitness Philosophy

Fitness requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Despite the sacrifices, a fit physique is well worth the struggle; to be healthy is to improve all other aspects of one’s life.

Many people do not realize you do not have to center your life around the gym to obtain these benefits; even a moderate approach toward fitness will not only yield obvious physical benefits, but the very pursuit of fitness allows one to obtain non-obvious positive attributes (e.g. resilience, patience, mental mastery, determination, etc.).


Hi, my name is Tommy Tran. When I was younger I struggled with my weight. Although I wrestled throughout high school, my otherwise sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary choices caused me to become overweight. Eventually, my unhealthy lifestyle began to take a toll on me. It was at the point that my lack of physical health began to take a mental as well as an emotional toll on me that I knew I had to make some changes. I began weightlifting and began switching out my unhealthy meals with more wholesome alternatives. Before long, I began to see significant physical, mental, and emotional improvements, which motivated me to keep going. Now fitness and nutrition are my passions. 

Personal Interests

  • Pursue new physical challenges and take part in all types of physical activities, including, but not limited to: Weightlifting, yoga, basketball, football, hiking, etc.
  • Focus on the mind as well as the body. This includes reading and discussing various scientific studies (e.g. sports nutrition, physiology, exercise biology, etc.), and through meditation, etc.


  • Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • American Heart Association First Aid/CPR/AED


  • Resistance training
    • Aesthetic based hypertrophy training
    • Strength training
    • Power training
  • Mobility, flexibility and stability training


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