Please Note: All non-student Campus Recreation Members must email the Rec Sports office at to have their Campus Rec Membership activated in the IM Online system for access to Rec Sports. This must be done prior to registration if you plan to register a team. 

*All Community members must purchase a $60 CAAA membership to be eligible for a Community Membership.

Register for Spring 2019 Rec Sports Leagues

You can find the registration link for SPRING 2019 HERE.

If you are having trouble registering, please call the customer service line at 530.752.1730 or email us at Rec Sports

New for 2018-2019

Rec Sports One Pass: All players must now purchase a Rec Sports One Pass in order to participate (no more team entry fees). Pass available on a QUARTERLY basis (Spring pass is now available for purchase). The pass grants you access to all Rec Sports activities, including leagues and touranments, for a given period.

NOTE: All students, including RA's, 1st years and transfer students, living in approved Unversity Housing (Residence Halls or Student Housing Apartments aka SHA), will have their pass sponsored by Student Housing department. If you are a Transfer student living in university housing (ie West Village), you must be part of the SHA program to get the pass sponsored (proof from department required). Please contact our office to get the free pass (name of RA/CA and building and room info need to be provided)

Multiple Team Rule: For team sports only.  You will be allowed to compete on 1 additional team per sport, but the team must be from a different league. For example, you are able to compete on a Competitive and a Recreational Open Soccer team. 

Updated Recreational league: Has now been changed to a beginner/social league and will NOT offer playoffs, prizes or awards.


Changes from 2017–2018:

Week 1 of the season will now be a Preseason week (game won't count in standings). Weeks 2-5 will be Regular Season.

All Captain's Meetings are now online and will include passing a Quiz. Quizzes will be online by Monday October 15 and will be due on Friday October 19

Major updates to Division descriptions. Now includes info on number of experienced players allowed, preseason and regular season games, playoff qualification process, and awards for winning each league.  Biggest change is to the Recreational League. These can be found on the Levels of Competition page. 


Spring 2019 League Registration Info:

Online Registration Begins Registration Ends Play Begins
Monday, April 1, 1:30 pm Monday, April 8, 11:59 p.m.

Sunday, April 14

** ALL players must register an IM Track account and accept the terms and conditions in order to be added to a roster. Register an account HERE.

More info for each sport can be found on our LEAGUE page.


Fall 2018–Spring 2019: Rec Sports activities are available to all current undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. All others, including University Affiliates and community members, must have a current CR Membership to be eligible to participate. A minimum of a 3-month CR Membership is required to participate in Rec Sports each quarter. All CR members must contact the Rec Sports Office to have their account activated in the IM system. Please email us your CR membership info, including your membership number. Additional eligibility guidelines can be found HERE.

Registration Times


Sport Registration Times
Beach Volleyball, Bowling, Soccer 1:30 p.m.
Flag Football, Kickball, Softball, Tube Polo 1:45 p.m.
Billiards, Grass Volleyball, Tennis Doubles, Ultimate Frisbee 2:00 p.m.

Minimum Registration Numbers

Teams must meet the minimum number of registered players on the team roster to confirm registration of their Rec Sports team(s). Teams that don't meet the minimum numbers by the end of registration are subject to being dropped and a $10 drop fee being assessed. Minimum numbers for each sport can be found in the table below.

Sport Registration Numbers Roster Maximum
Billiards 1 1
Beach Volleyball 4 20
Bowling 3 3
Flag Football 5 20
Grass Volleyball 4 20
Kickball 8 20
Soccer 8 20
Softall 10 20
Tennis 2 2
Tube Polo 5 20
Ultimate Frisbee 7 20

Captains' Meetings

Mandatory Captains' Meetings Info: Please read before registering. Meetings are now online and all must pass the online Quiz. Failure to pass the quiz by the deadline will result in your team being disqualifed from playoffs and losing your ability to protest games. For more info on the Captains' Meetings, please click HERE.

Note: All players who register their Singles or Doubles team are considered the captain of that team 

Wait List Information

If you are unable to find a spot to sign your team up in a particular sport, you can place your team on a waitlist. All wait listed teams will now be handled through our IM Online system. If enough teams are on the waitlist for a particular league we will try and open up additional spots during the registration process.

Should you change your mind about playing once you have been placed in a league, your team will be be assessed a drop fee.  Please make sure you and your team are actually available to play as you requested.

Free Agent Teams

Interested in participating on a team but don't know any teammates? Join one of our many free agent teams offered each quarter. More info can be found on our Free Agent page.

If you have any questions about registering as a free, please contact our office at 530-752-1730 or email us 

Team Name

Rec Sports has the right, at our discretion, to change team names that are deemed inappropriate.

Competitive Balance

Teams are strongly urged to enter into the proper level of competition. Should a team obviously be playing out of their competitive level, the Rec Sports Office will immediately counsel that team and has the right, at their discretion, to move a team up to the next class level for playoffs. Please visit our playoff page to see how your team can qualify.


Campus Recreation and UC Davis are committed to making its programs accessible to persons with disabilities. If you need an accommodation to participate in a program because of a disability, please contact the Administrative Office at least four weeks prior to the event or activity with information regarding the requested accommodation. The Administrative Office can be reached by calling 530-752-1730.

Registration Error Message Help

If you received the error message “Member not in database”:
If you received an error while trying to register your team, please read below about the cause of some common errors and how to correct them.
ERROR MESSAGE: If the following error message “Member not in database. Please try again” appears while registering a player (or yourself), this means the person was not in the database of active students provided to us by the Registrar’s Office. This could be for several different reasons:

1. The full first and last name does not match the ID number.
2. The person had not paid their fees when the data import was run.
3. The person requested his/her UCD student records be kept confidential. Confidential records cannot be released by the Registrar and therefore were not included in our data import.
4. The person is not a fee-paying student.

If you encounter this problem, please enter the remaining players on your team to insure that your roster meets the required minimum number of players for entry. Then email and put “Ineligible Player” in the subject line and in the message section indicate name, student ID number or CRU Membership number. Eligibility questions sent via email will be checked throughout the registration process and will be answered in the order received as quickly as possible.

Information for Windows XP Service Pack 2 Users

If you are using Internet Explorer with Windows XP SP2, you may have an issue accessing a link on the registration web page.

If you cannot open the link on the IM Online Registration page while using your web browser, there is a fix that you can do that will allow you to access the site.The fix involves disabling an Internet Explorer option in the XP registry. If you are not authorized or not comfortable with making changes to the system registry, we recommend getting an IT person to apply this fix. It is also recommended that you back up your registry before making any changes to it. To apply the fix:

On the Windows XP machine, go to Start-> Run, type “regedit” and click OK.

In the left pane, navigate to:

  • Microsoft
  • Internet Explorer
  • Main
  • Feature Control

With the key “FEATURE_OBJECT_CACHING” selected, in the right pane, change the “value data” from “1” to “0” and click OK.

  • Close regedit.
  • Close and restart any open IE browsers.e-click “iexplore.exe”.