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To enter the Rec Pool Facility, all patrons are required to sign the University’s Waiver of Liability. Minors (17 and under) will need to have a parent or guardian present to sign the waiver for them. Any patrons under the age of 13 will need to be accompanied by a person 15 years or older to enter the facility.

A reminder than Aquatic Staff are working hard to keep all patrons safe. Please respect them and any rules that they may enforce. Ejection from the facility may occur to those who repeatedly violate Rec Pool rules. The Rec Pool is a Come As You Are facility and promotes a welcoming atmosphere. Please keep negative and abusive language out of the Rec Pool and work with the Aquatic Staff to create an inclusive environment. Food and drink are allowed into the facility and please keep them out of the pool areas. Please do not bring Alcohol or Drugs in the facility. Any patron under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs will be denied admission or dismissed from the facility.

Service animals are permitted onto the pool deck however emotional support dogs are not. If you have specific questions regarding ESA vs Service Animals, please email arooney@ucdavis.edu. Patrons entering the pool areas are required to wear swimming attire – Jean Shorts and Cotton Shirts can weigh down swimmers, restrict movement and the fabric can clog the pool filter leading to closure of the facility.




If you come to the Rec Pool facility to Swim Laps, please make sure to stay off the Lane lines. If you think you may have to stop during your swim, select a lane closest to the pool deck and use the gutter to stop and take breaks. Please enter the Lap Pool either via ladders or jumping in feet first. Due to the depth of our Lap Pool, diving is allowed for swimmers that have coaches (Swim Team/Swim Club/Private Swim Lessons). During your Lap Swim, please refrain from prolonged breath holding or underwater swimming. This activity involves Oxygen Deprivation and can cause severe injury or death.




Rec Swim is extremely fun! If you have a child under the age of 4, please make sure they are within arm’s reach at all times. Flotation devices are allowed in the pool if they are coast-guard approved. Non-coast guard devices include pool noodles, inflatable pool toys, rafts and baby floats. Please be respectful to other patrons and refrain from pushing, shoving and running on the pool deck. When in the water, rough playing and shoulder rides can be dangerous and are not permitted. Please enter the Rec Pool safely. If you would like to flip, twist or dive in the pool, then please head to the Diving board on the south side of the Rec Pool where the pool is 12ft deep. Diving in shallow water is extremely dangerous and can lead to spinal injuries.



If you’d like to dive off the diving board, please make sure that the patron in front of you has entered the water before stepping onto the board. Remember to look before you leap – the diving area must be completely clear. Whilst on the Diving Board, please walk slowly to the end and refrain from Handstands, cartwheels or seat bounces – one bounce is more than enough to help you jump into the water. Once in the Pool, please swim to the nearest wall or ladder and be sure to not swim under the diving board to get there. As a reminder, flotation devices are for the pool and should not be used to enter the pool from the diving board, nor should you attempt to land on a flotation device.




At any moment during your swim, a lifeguard may ask you to take part in a swim test. The swim test is conducted to keep you and your children safe and consists of swimming 25 yards unaided - either freestyle or breaststroke. You may also request a swim test for your child if you wish. If you wish to use the diving board, you will also be asked to complete a swim test.