Request The Band

Trombone players at a beach rally in Anaheim, CA.

Notes On Requesting The CAMB

The CAMB performs at nearly one hundred community and campus events each year. Our performances include a wide range of event types such as farmers markets, carnivals, birthday and retirement parties, parades, 5k runs, and other large gatherings. We pride ourselves in our community involvement and musical outreach, and students join the CAMB out of a shared passion for performing and entertaining. We actively seek new performances.

Our schedule fills relatively quickly, but in order to maintain flexibility we ask that requests be submitted between one and six months in advance.As the musicians are all student volunteers, weekday performances during typical class hours are harder to assemble for, as are performances during the holiday season. A typical community CAMB performance is between 20 and 35 minutes in length, and is performed in our informal Mav'rik uniforms. If a performance is scheduled within a populated area, we recommend securing a sound permit from the relevant authority.

While we always appreciate contributions, please note that the CAMB is not for hire. Song requests will be happily considered, but arranging and rehearsing a new piece is prohibitively time-consuming if a song isn't already a part of our repetoire.

We are not currently accepting performance requests. Please check back with us soon.