Personal Trainer: Harry

*This trainer is currently not accepting new clients.

Trainer's Schedule: 

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Fitness Philosophy:

Fitness is my life and it shows! Our bodies are capable of incredible feats – and if well cared for, are a lasting source of vitality and strength. My role as a fitness professional and your trainer is two-fold: to share my expertise and insight to ensure that your effort leads to fruition, and to share my boundless enthusiasm for movement and exercise.


I grew up in the SF bay area and hold a bachelor's degree from UC Davis. Although I've always had a reasonably active lifestyle, I came to athletics as a young adult. My interests have been diverse – with periods devoted to yoga, mindfulness practice, weightlifting, and in recent years competitive Muay Thai – but all share a common thread of a strong desire for challenge, rejuvenation, and growth through some embodied, physical experience. I feel that this is probably the most important thing fitness has to offer in our culture at the moment.

Personal Interests:

  • Muay Thai, grappling, and mixed martial arts
  • Buddhism and mindfulness practice
  • Yoga
  • Music and dance
  • Acroyoga, Thai massage, and other partnered bodywork

Training Specialties

  • Muay Thai / Self-defense
  • Lifting for aesthetics and functional fitness
  • Mind-body work (yoga, qi-gong, etc)


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of California Davis


  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA
  • American Heart Association CPR/AED Certified