The UC Davis Rec Sports FairPlay Program

The purpose of the FairPlay program is to ensure that all Rec Sports participants have the opportunity for a positive experience. Teams in Rec Sports should not have to contend with ‘trash talking’, excessive rough play or other forms of unsportsmanlike conduct.

Every team’s average FairPlay rating will be monitored. If your team’s FairPlay average is below 3.5, you/your team will not be able to participate in the playoffs for that season. Your team must also maintain a 3.5 average or higher throughout the playoffs to remain eligible. Please see links below for sport specific guidelines.

How a FairPlay Score is assessed for Your Team

At the end of every game, the Rec Sports officials will give a FairPlay score for each team. FairPlay scores are based on a scale that ranges from 1 to 4, with 1 being extremely poor sportsmanship and 4 being very good sportsmanship. When your team walks on to the field/court or jumps into the pool, you begin with a FairPlay score of 4 and you can work your way down from there based upon your conduct.

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