1. In team sports, teams registered in a single gender league may use players of a different gender. However, should the player(s) of a different gender create disparity in the level of competition, the Rec Sports Office reserves the right to review each case individually and rule accordingly.
  2. In individual and dual sports where single gender leagues are offered, individuals may compete in the league designated for the different gender until such time that the competitiveness of the activity is adversely affected.
  3. All CoRec team and dual sports must have an equal number of genders unless specified otherwise in the rules of the sport concerned. Sports with unequal numbers will have to meet certain ratios to be eligible to compete. 
  4. Individuals are now able to represent more than one team in the same sport.  This is referred to as the Multiple Team Rule. However, individuals must  compete in 2 different leagues within that same sport (Ex: for CoRec Soccer, players may compete on 1 Competitive team and 1 Recreational team, but not 2 competitive teams)
  5. All specialty leagues (e.g., Grad/Staff/Faculty, Res Hall) are restricted in who can participate, including the number of experienced players allowed. 
  6. A player is considered a member of a team if their name appears on the roster. Once a player plays for a team, they are committed to that team and may not switch to another team (unless given permission due to extentuating circumstances).
  7. Teams are strongly urged to enter into the proper level of competition. Should a team obviously be playing out of their competitive level, the Rec Sports Office will immediately counsel that team and has the right, at their discretion, to move a team up to the next class level for playoffs.

Rec Sports Staff Participation

Awareness has been raised by concerned participants in the Rec Sports program of potential bias by its staff members. Issues surrounding this perception range from staff officiating and participating in tournaments to improper sportsmanship scores given to staff teams. There have also been additional comments from participants about calls made by officials that benefit staff teams.

While the department strongly believes in the value of employees participating in its programs, the negative perception in the Rec Sports program is an issue that must be addressed. Because there are many benefits of staff participation that we would not want to deter from, we propose the following new practices for staff participation with the goal of mitigating future perceptions of bias in IM Sports.

Benefits of Staff Participation

  • Enables the staff to better understand the goals of our organization and the outcomes of participation
  • Promotes staff cohesion, social and bonding opportunities
  • Provides opportunities in support of multiple dimensions of wellness
  • If students participate and are “off the clock” and an emergency or critical situation arises, they can provide extra support to manage the situation
  • Enables staff to act as role models for those we are encouraging to take part in our programs
  • If we were to prevent staff from participating in Rec Sports, it could negatively affect our ability to employ quality staff members who are passionate about Rec Sports.
  • The student employees pay campus-based fees and therefore should be allowed to participate in student programs

To mitigate any future perceptive issue of bias, we are proposing the following best practices:

  • At least 50% of every team’s field roster must comprise of non-staff members (e.g, 10 participants are allowed on the softball field at a time. In this case, a maximum of 5 staff members would be allowed to be on the roster of this team). The 50% rule does not apply to individual/dual/triple sports (only team sports with 4 or more players on the field/court). Sports with 5 players will be allowed to have up to 3 staff members while sports with 7 players will be allowed to have up to 4 staff members on the roster.
  • Staff is defined as any career staff, Competitive Sports Manager, Competitive Sports Supervisor or Rec Sports Official currently working for the department
  • If a staff team wants to exceed the 50% rule, they would be ineligible for any post season or playoff play (including tournaments)
  • Staff must continue to play in the appropriate league for their skill level
  • When at all possible, officials will not be scheduled to work games in the league they are participating. (e.g., an official participating in the Men’s Competitive league for soccer would not be scheduled to officiate games for that league)