If a team/individual cannot be present to play a regularly scheduled game, teams can earn 1 free reschedule by attending an official's clinic. Clinics take place during the first week of each quarter, and several sports are in need of teams for scrimmages. If the free reschedule has already been used, all subsequent reschedules will incur a $10 rescheduling fee. This rescheduling fee must be paid at the My Recreation Store upon completion of the reschedule request. To reschedule a game, a team/individual must contact the Rec Sports Office to do so. The team/individual desiring the change must see to it that the following steps are completed by 5 p.m. one business day in advance of the originally scheduled game time (by Friday for games on Saturday or Sunday).

  1. The team/individual desiring the change must check with the Rec Sports Office on the availability of alternate game times. The availability of alternate game times is subject to the availability of facilities and staff.
  2. Our office will contact the opponent regarding the reschedule and will present them with the available days and times. The opponent is not obligated to change the playing date or time.
  3. If a change is agreed upon, both teams or individuals must confirm the change with the Rec Sports Office prior to the deadline. If both teams do not confirm the change, the game must be played as it was originally scheduled.
  4. If a mutually rescheduled date and time cannot be arranged and the team requesting the reschedule cannot play their original game day and time, a default will be given to the team originally requesting the reschedule, provided that the team notifies the Rec Sports Office of this situation at least 24 business hours in advance of the originally scheduled game time. The contest will be defaulted and a loss will be recorded for the team requesting the reschedule. No fine will be charged.
  5. Playoffs: a $10 rescheduling fee will incur (unless a team has earned a reschedule from participating in official's clinics). All rescheduling fees will be charged to the captain of the team who requested the reschedule.