How to Sign Up for a Free Agent Team:

  1. All free agent players will need to purchase a Rec Sports One Pass in order to access our new software, Fusion IM. Must have either the Annual or Winter Quarter pass to be eligible. 
  2. You will then go to our Fusion IM registration page and find the sport, league and division that works best for you. 
  3. We have created specific free agent teams for you to join in the table below. You can then request to join the free agent team if space is still available. 
  4. If enough free agents are interested in a division that is full, it's possible we can create an additional free agent team.
  5. You are also free to add yourself as a free agent to any division(s) that work better for you (if the free agent team is either full or the day and time does not work for you).

Free Agent Teams Fall 2020

Sport TBA

Division Day Time