General League Information

Who Can Play

Rec Sports activities are available to all current undergraduate and graduate students who paid full-time or part-time registration fees, as well as University Affiliates or other members who have a current CR Membership. Complete eligibility rules are available online here.

Entry and Drop Fees

Captains will no longer be charged entry fees for their teams. All participants will now be required to purchase a Rec Sports ONE Pass in order to participate. The Rec Sports ONEpass can be purchased on an annual (Fall-Spring quarter) or quarterly basis, and gives access to ALL Rec Sports activities during that period. 

Learn more about potential drop fees.


A forfeit constitutes:

  1. Non-appearance/No Show
  2. Less than required minimum number of players on the field/court/pool at game time.
  3. Late appearance (not ready to play 5 minutes after the scheduled game time).
  4. Use of an ineligible player (i.e., a player who plays on more than the allowed number of teams or a player who is not in possession of a valid CR Membership or valid UCD Aggie card).
  5. Cancellation of contest with less than 24 business hours notice to Rec Sports Office.

A forfeit by a team will result in a fine of $10 being assessed. The team captain has 5 days to protest the forfeit. Should the team incur a second forfeit (same or different reason), another forfeit fine will be assessed and the team may be dropped from further play. All fines will be billed to your student account. 


Players may play on as many teams as they want per sport. However, the teams must be from different leagues (e.g. can't compete on 2 competitive teams or 2 recreational teams)


No possession or consumption of drugs/alcohol is permitted on university property.

Fairplay, Ejection Policies and Protests

Teams must average a 5 or better Sportsmanship score to be eligible for playoffs. More info here.

Any player ejected from a Rec Sports contest shall be ineligible from further competition in ALL Rec Sports activities until they meet with the Coordinator of Rec Sports. Ejections may also result in disqualification from playoffs. 

To protest a game or other calls made by the referee, check out important protest information.

Levels of Competition

Learn more about the levels of competition.

Team Schedules

Check out when your team is playing on the team schedule page.


Rules are available on each sport's info page.

Captains' Meetings

Find out more about the captains' meetings.

Free Agents

Free agent teams are available for Open and CoRec leagues. All free agents will be required to purchase a Rec Sports One Pass in order to participate in the program.. See here for more information.

Campus Rec (CR) Membership

CR Membership or daily pass is required for admittance into the ARC facility.