TEST Group Exercise Class Descriptions

People practicing yoga

Our group exercise classes are designed to help you reach your wellness goals in a fun, motivational and inclusive environment. Come As You Are—classes are suited for all levels of activity unless otherwise noted.


Feel the difference cardio training can make as you dance, step and jump through our inventive cardio classes.

Bombay-Jam® (60 min)

This high-energy total-body dance fitness class is fun, easy to follow and packed with authentic Bollywood flavor. A blend of Bollywood music and top 40 tracks keep you energized.

Cardio Kickboxing (60 min)

Jab, uppercut, hook and kick!  Are you up for a challenge? This is a high-energy cardio class for all fitness levels. (The fusion version of this class will incorporate boot camp drills into the class.)

Zumba® (45/60 min)

A fun fast-paced dance class that creates a dynamic fusion of Latin with a combination of fast and slow rhythms to tone the entire body. 

Strong by Zumba® (45/60 min)

This class combines high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with synced motivational music to help you perform more athletically-based movements for an energizing total-body workout.  


Hop onto one of our twenty-seven custom Schwinn bikes and let our motivational instructors help you run, sprint, climb and jump your way through an exhilarating ride in the comfort of our indoor cycling studio. 

Cycle (45/60 min)

Get those pedals moving! This class will get your heart pumping by combining strength and endurance components associated with cycling. 

Sunrise Cycle/Early Morning Cycle (45/60 min)

Start your day off right through various cycling techniques. 

Cycle Strength (60 min)

This cardio/strength combo class gives offers the best of both worlds. The class begins with 25 minutes of cycling followed by 30 minutes of strength training in the nearby studios.

Fitness Fusion

Add variety to your workout and get optimum results with our inventive fitness fusion classes.

Buti® Yoga (45/60 min)

Buti means a secret recipe or cure, and it's also a dynamic, high-intensity yoga class. Traditional poses are combined with jump training and tribal dancing for a full-body workout.

Cardio/Strength Fusion* (60 min)

This class consists of alternating high-repetition segments of weightlifting and cardio conditioning. *This class level is intermediate/advanced.

Interval Training (30/45 min)

This high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class consists of boot camp-style repetitions of cardio and strength-conditioning exercises for a full-body workout.  

Step It Up! (60 min)

Half choreography, half athletic training, this class offers an energetic combination of cardio and strength. Come prepared to get a good workout and have lots of fun!  

Yogalates (60 min)

Strengthen your core with Pilates-based exercises and improve your balance with yoga poses in this dynamic fusion class. Please bring your own mat (our supply is very limited).

Resistance Training

Our strength and resistance classes increase abdominal strength, tighten glutes, and strengthen the lower back and thighs using a variety of equipment and exercises.

Core Fusion (30 min)

Devote 30 minutes to strengthening your abs and lower back to improve posture and core strength.

Pilates-Based Strength (45/60 min) 

With an emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance, this class is all about controlled strength.

Barre-Inspired Strength (45/60 min)

Utilizing the ballet barre, this class helps you strengthen your legs and core through slow exercises that focus on form. No dance experience is needed.

Pump It Up! (60 min)

A combination of simple athletic moves using weight training equipment strengthens every major muscle group. 

Total Body Strengthening (60 min)

Improve the strength of your whole body using resistance and weight training equipment.

Upper Body Conditioning (45 min)

This resistance training class emphasizes the core, chest, arms, and shoulders.

Lower Body Conditioning (45 min)

This resistance training class emphasizes the core, legs and glutes.


Increase balance, flexibility, and strength while building a mind-body connection.

Gentle Yoga (60 min)

Relax and unwind as you transition through stress-relieving asanas in this slow-paced yoga class. Please bring your own mat (our supply is very limited).

Outdoor Yoga (60 min)

Enjoy your practice outdoors in the Fit Yard on the first floor of the ARC. Please bring your own mat (our supply is very limited).

Power Yoga (60 min)

Move fluidly from one pose to the next in this powerful and dynamic class. Please bring your own mat (our supply is very limited).

Sunrise Yoga (60 min)

Wake up by flowing through energizing poses before heading to the rest of your day. Please bring your own mat. Please bring your own mat (our supply is very limited).