Membership Guidelines

UCDHS Fitness Center Membership is subjuct to change in cost as to better align the contributions of our non-student members with those of our students. In order to gain access to the restricted fitness areas of the student fitness center, members must meet the following guidelines:

Students (including UC Reciprocity students)

  1. Student members must present their registration card to gain access to the facility.
  2. Registration fees must be valid for the current quarter or semester.
  3. Registration card must in be good condition and must have a visible picture.

Non Student Members (University Affiliates)

  1. All other UCDHS Fitness Center members must present a photo identification card to gain access to the fitness areas.
  2. Membership must be valid at the time of use.
  3. Identification card must in be good condition and must have a visible picture.

University Affiliates Include

  1. UCD medical campus students not enrolled in courses
  2. UCD Faculty/Staff associated with the medical campus
  3. UCD medical Residents
  4. UCD medical campus Retirees
  5. Post Docs
  6. Partners of afformentioned eligble members

Gym Guidelines

  1. No backpacks or gym bags
  2. Shirts must be worn at all times
  3. Athletic closed toed shows must be worn
  4. No shoes on stretching mats
  5. Please remember to wipe down equipment after use
  6. The use of chalk is not permitted
  7. A spotter is recommended with the use of free weights
  8. Please re-rack your weights
  9. Do not drop plates or dumbbells
  10. No drinking (water is acceptable) or eating in fitness room
  11. There is a 30-min time limit on cardiovascular equipment when others are waiting
  12. No standing on exercise balls
  13. Allow people to work in between sets
  14. No private instruction
  15. Must wear proper workout attire:
    1. No jeans
    2. No belts
    3. No open toe shoes
    4. No cargo shorts
    5. All attire is left up to the discretion of the staff