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Finger Painting, not just for Kids

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Craft Center

There has been a lot of scrambling in response to the uptick of positivity around campus, and we all thank you for your patience. The Craft Center now has a plan of action for the quarter. The Craft Center will be available to UC Davis students and affiliates this quarter. Community members with be given full refunds for their registrations. Classes starting next week will be postponed an additional week while we process the refunds and waitlists. The Craft Center will be open Monday January 10th for studio use, and classes will begin Tuesday, January 18. Studio occupancy will be limited to 10 or fewer. All participants are strongly encouraged to wear a KN95 mask.

  1. Craft Center opens January 10.
  2. Classes scheduled to start next week be postponed one week.
  3. Classes scheduled to start January 18 and beyond will meet as scheduled.
  4. Community members will be given full refunds.
  5. KN95 masks recommended.

About the UC Davis Craft Center 

Interested in art? Want to learn how to make crafts in your spare time? The Craft Center is the perfect place to learn a skill or perfect an art form you're already familiar with! Come see what we're all about! We offer classes for newcomers and studio space for both students and community members. Please note that all crafters must be 18 years or older. 

We also have awesome volunteer opportunities available (with Craft Center benefits!) Contact us for more information at

Pottery Tour

Crafternoons on Fridays

Crafternoons on Fridays at 5 pm visit our Facebook page where we will make announcements about Craft Center Zoom classes, tool lending information, and video tutorials.