Participation in the UC Davis Sport Club program is voluntary and membership is limited to students who pay registration fees.

Steps to Join

  1. Contact the Team

Prospective club members should contact the club before completing the online registration process. Some clubs may require tryouts, and have higher memberships so it is important to learn as much about the club prior to registering online.

  1. Register Online: Registration is not open yet. Please be patient as we are moving to a new system. Step by step instructions will be here once the program is ready. 
  2. Create a profile on DoSportsEasy. This will be needed if you wish to travel or send in forms including travel, facility requests, or finances. 
  3. Repeat Step #1

          If you cannot get ahold of a Sport Club (please give them time to respond), please contact the Sport Club office.

If you have any financial difficulties paying for your Admin fee, please see the link below and apply to get your fee covered by our brand new Amazon Fee Waiver Program. If accepted, you will receive a link to help pay for some or all of your admin payment. The fee waiver can only be used for purchases on Fusion and need to be used as you are paying for the product. It cannot be used as a reimbursement.