Coronavirus Information

We understand the campus directives about remote learning raises some questions. Student Affairs has created and will be updating a page with frequently asked questions for students. Also, learn about  the ARC closure and Campus Recreation spring registration.

Athletic Training Services

As a sport club student-athlete at UC Davis, you have access to medical care by our athletic trainer, Shannan Rowe. The athletic trainer is responsible for the care and prevention of athletic injuries incurred by sport club activities. This includes evaluation, recognition, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. The athletic trainer also assists with nutritional and psychological concerns, as well as serves as a liaison position with medical personnel and maintaining appropriate medical records.

Please note: before seeing our athletic trainer, you must create an account with Presagia (see PDF document/video below)

Open Treatment Hours

Hours have been moved to online:

Monday - Thursday: 1-3pm

These hours will remain until further notice.

Pavilion Fitness Studio Directions

Enter the pavilion through the Northeast doors (near Pete's coffee). The second door from the left is unlocked, enter and swipe your ID with the attending staff. Walk around the pavilion to the Southeast corner, and pass the staff locker rooms. There are laminated signs to help direct you as well.

Concussion Training/Reporting

All sport club coaches and safety officers are mandated to complete the assigned concussion safety training. All concussions and possible concussions must be reported to the athletic trainer as soon as possible. 

Baseline Concussion Testing

All athletes competing on a high impact sport club MUST complete a baseline concussion test. All tests are done through our athletic trainer, Shannan Rowe. Please contact Shannan to set up your Baseline Concussion Test. 

Athletic Trainer Contact Information

Shannan Rowe DAT, ATC
Phone number: 530-752-9975
Fax number: 530-754-8444


How to make a Presagia account: