Fusion IM Software

We have switched to a new software for Rec Sports, Fusion IM. You can access our regular Fusion IM site by going to our Campus Rec Portal and clicking on Fusion IM Icon. Direct access to our Fusion IM registration site HERE. You can access Rec Sports Calendar HERE, to find out your game time and location along with home and away info (home team listed first).

All information to pass the quizzes is located on our Captain's Meeting page. 

Rec Sports ONE Pass

*All Fall 2020 virtual offerings will be accessed through purchase of a $5 Rec Sports ONE Pass. For those looking for financial assistance to purchase your ONE Pass, our department has set up a FEE WAIVER application that you can fill out to get some funding. 

All participants will need to purchase a Rec Sports ONE Pass to participate and access Fusion IM. The pass will be available on an Annual (Fall-Spring) or Quarter basis, and will give access to all Rec Sports activities for the duration of the pass. Annual pass is $60 (only available Fall) and Quarter pass is $25. Early bird pricing for Winter quarter pass will be $20 and good through January 13. Participate in any and all traditional or wacky recreational sport leagues for ONE low price with the Rec Sports Pass. Individuals at any experience level are welcome to join! For more information please call 530-752-1730 or email Rec Sports

Purchasing Issues: If you are having issues paying for your ONE pass, the issue is likely due to the address you are inputting in the system. The billing address must match what is on file with your bank. If it does not go through the first time you try to submit payment, try using your address back home instead of your local address, or vice versa.

Note: All students, including CA's, 1st years and transfer students, living in approved University Housing (Residence Halls or Student Housing Apartments aka SHA), will have their pass sponsored by Student Housing department. Promo codes will be distributed to the Community Assistants (CA) upon request by emailing Ben Dao, Rec Sports Coordinator.. This sponsorship is currently available for Fall 2020.


New for 2020-2021

2 new virtual activities: We have added Aggies at Home Virtual Gaming (focus on poker and board game type activities) and Aggies at Home Social Media Challenge.  These are in addition to our current virtual offerings of Aggies at Home Esports, Fun Run, and Trivia competition. 

$5 Rec Sports ONE Pass: This Fall you can participate in all 5 of our virtual offerings for just $5. ONE pass is available to all current students and those with a Campus Recreation membership


New for 2019-2020

New Rec Sports Software: We will now be using Fusion IM as our Rec Sports software. Fusion IM will also include a mobile app called Fusion IM Go. All participants will need to have the ONE pass to access Fusion IM.

Updated Multiple Team Rule: You can now compete on as many teams as you want per sport, but restricted to one team per division. For example. you can play Competitive, Recreational, and Res Hall, but can't compete on 2 Competitive teams in the same sport.

Early Bird Pricing: We will offer early bird pricing for the annual pass during Fall quarter. Regular price of $60, early bird price will be $50 and will end on October 7.  Winter early bird pricing is $20 and will end on January 13.

All Regular Season Games: There will no longer be a preseason game during week 1. Teams will be scheduled for 5 regular season matches. 

Playoff Qualification: We have new guidelines for teams to qualify for playoffs in our Premier, Competitive, and Grad/Staff/Faculty Leagues. All teams who meet the following will qualify: Have a 3-2 record or better, maintain at least a 5 sportsmanship score, no more than 1 ejection. 

Playoff Draft: All teams who qualify for playoffs will now be able to pick their spot in the bracket. The order of the pick will depend on your final ranking at the end of regular season. We will test out this system for some sports and leagues starting Winter 2020.

Mini-Leagues: Certain sports each quarter will be offered as a Mini-League. These leagues are 3 weeks seasons followed by 1-2 weeks of playoffs. This league will also start during week 5 of the quarter.

Later Start Times: Games during the week will now start at 6:30 instead of 6 pm (for the majority of our sports).

Limited Recreational League Playoffs: The Recreational leagues will now offer a very limited playoff system (up to 4 teams). Teams will also earn championship shirts, but will only be offered in one color, Royal Blue.


About Campus Rec Sports

Campus Recreation Rec Sports (formerly Intramural Sports) program provides students, faculty, staff, alumni and other university affiliates the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive and recreational sport activities. Rec Sports offers more than 30 different activities (Men’s, Women’s and CoRec) in traditional sports such as basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball and flag football, as well as non-traditional activities such as ultimate frisbee, tube polo, and dodgeball. Rec Sports also presents tournaments and leagues for individuals and two-person teams in such activities as badminton, spikeball, and tennis.

Please Note: A recurring membership (minimum 3 month commitment) is required to participate in Rec Sports each quarter. This membership is necessary in order to purchase the Rec Sports ONE Pass. All currently registered students already have access to purchase the Rec Sports ONE Pass. 

All Community members must purchase a $60 CAAA membership to be eligible for a Community Membership.