How to Register

  1. Eligible participants must first purchase a Rec Sports ONE Pass (available for purchase on January 3, 2022)
  2. Registration will open for many of our sports on Monday January 3 at noon . You can find more info for each of our sports on our League page. 
  3. Visit the Rec Sports registration page on the Rec Portal and select your league
  4. Complete the quiz for each team registered. All information to pass the quizzes, including the cheat sheet,  is located on our Captain's Meeting page. 
  5. Your team will need to meet the minimum number of players for the sport in order to finalize your registration. Your team will be placed on waitlist and will automatically move over to the division when minimum numbers are met. 
    1. Bowling | 2 for doubles, 3 for triples
    2. Indoor Soccer | 6
    3. Volleyball| 6
    4. 3v3 Basketball | 3
    5. Outdoor Soccer | 11

If you are having trouble registering, please email us (phone lines not available due to campus going remote Jan 3-9). Common issues are gender restrictions or not having an eligible membership. 



If you are unable to find a spot to sign your team up in a particular sport, you can place your team on a waitlist. If enough teams are on the waitlist for a particular league we will try and open up additional spots during the registration process.

Should you change your mind about playing once you have been placed in a league, your team will be assessed a $10 drop fee.  Please make sure you and your team are actually available to play as you requested. You have until the close of registration for each sport to add or drop your team without a fine. 

Free Agent Teams

Interested in participating on a team but don't know any teammates? Join one of our many free agent teams offered each quarter. You can also be a free agent for a particular division and team captains will have the availability to add you to their team. More info can be found on our Free Agent page.

If you have any questions about registering as a free, please contact our office at 530-752-5586 or email us 


Campus Recreation and UC Davis are committed to making its programs accessible to persons with disabilities. If you need an accommodation to participate in a program because of a disability, please contact the Administrative Office at least four weeks prior to the event or activity with information regarding the requested accommodation. The Rec Sports Office can be reached by calling 530-752-5586.


Who can participate?

  • Undergraduate students who have paid full or part-time undergraduate student fees for the current term.
  • Graduate and professional who have paid full student fees for the current term.
  • University affiliates who have purchased a Campus Recreation membership with a minimum of a 3-month duration
  1. UC Davis Student Affiliates: UC Davis Extension, Sacramento City College, PELP, IEPP, post-docs, graduate students on filing fee
  2. UC Davis Faculty and Staff
  3. UC Davis Alumni
  4. UC Davis Retirees
  5. Immediate Family Members: Spouse/Domestic Partner, children 18 and over, siblings, parents 
  • Community members* who have purchased a Campus Recreation membership (a minimum three-month membership is required.)

*All Community members must purchase a $60 CAAA membership to be eligible to purchase a Community Membership.

Learn more about Campus Recreation membership.

Eligibility Verification

To verify eligibility, the appropriate identification card must be presented prior to each game in order to participate:

Undergraduate students: valid AggieCard/Student ID Card
Graduate and Professional students: valid Aggie Card/Student ID Card
University Affiliates and Community Members: valid CR Card

Team Roster

Each team captain must submit a roster of prospective participants along with each player’s Student ID/CR Membership number during online registration. Each captain is responsible for ensuring the eligibility of their team members.

  • "Experienced Athletes" may compete in the sport where they are "experienced" as stipulated in the rules for that activity. The term "experienced" refers to CURRENT Intercollegiate Athletes (ICA) and Club athletes (Club). Professional (Pro) athletes are NOT allowed to participate in our program in their sport. The term "experienced" will expire by June 30 of the current academic year. At this point, the player is no longer considered "experienced" if the player decides to no longer be on an ICA, Club or Pro team.
  • The term "current Intercollegiate athlete" refers to any player who is on the roster/coaches' list of an Intercollegiate team (including athletes who are red-shirting).
  • The term "Club athlete" refers to any individual who is currently on the roster of a Sport Club team at a four-year institution.
  • The term "Professional" refers to any individual who is currently on the roster of a professional or semi-professional team in a sport.
  • The "experienced" term only refers to an athlete in their like sport (e.g., Club Soccer player is considered an "experienced" player for Rec Sports Soccer but not for Basketball)

NOTE: Once a participant appears on a current ICA, Club or Pro roster they become an experienced player for that like sport for the entire academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring). Exception may be considered on a case by case basis


Violation of any eligibility rule(s) will result in:

  • Loss of all contest in which the ineligible player(s) participated (participating is defined as checking into the game).
  • May result in disqualification of the violator from further Rec Sports participation in that sport.
  • A $10 fine for each game in which the player participated.
  • Playoffs: During the playoffs, player eligibility must be protested prior to the game or as soon as the ineligible player checks into the game.


Rec Sports ONE Pass

Participate in any and all traditional or wacky recreational sports leagues for one low price with the Rec Sports ONE Pass! Individuals at any experience level are welcome to join.

All participants will need to purchase a Rec Sports ONE Pass to participate in a Rec Sports league. The pass will be available on an annual (fall-spring) or quarterly basis, and allows access to all Rec Sports activities for the duration of the pass. Typically, the annual pass is $50 (only available fall) and the quarter pass is $20. For more information please call 530-752-5586 or email Rec Sports. If you need financial assistance to pay for your Rec Sports ONE Pass, you can apply for funds through our Campus Recreation Well-Being Fee Waiver program. 

Purchasing Issues: If you are having issues paying for your ONE pass, the issue is likely due to the address you are entering into the system. The billing address must match what is on file with your bank. If it does not go through the first time you try to submit payment, try using your address back home instead of your local address, or vice versa.

Note: All students, including CA's, first-years and transfer students, living in approved University Housing (Residence Halls or Student Housing Apartments aka SHA), will have their pass sponsored by Student Housing. Please contact your Community Advisor for the promo code for the free Rec Sports ONE Pass.