Craft Center Gallery

Laurie Blanchard Art

Artist Statement: 

I am a California native, a professional musician, and an emerging artist. 

 While I do enjoy working with watercolors and ink doing mixed media art on paper, I work primarily in acrylic paint and acrylic ink, on canvas. 

 I’ve been a professional musician since I was a child. Some years ago, after my father’s death and likely without realizing it, as a form of therapy, I began to do art. Performing music and recording was always the priority, but then 2020 happened. Between the pandemic and lockdown, all my gigs were canceled and into that space, time for art rushed in. I became so focused on art, that when I could go back to music, I chose to use that time solely for art and I have almost completely quit performing music.

 Through the worry, the loneliness, and the boredom of 18 months of post Covid life, art, nature, and exploring both of these things, has sustained me. I try to do art every single day. When painting with Acrylic, I paint almost exclusively with my hands and fingers, only using a brush for the detail work. I love to paint whimsical landscapes and florals, with bold swoops of color. It's really visceral, and satisfying! I hope you enjoy my work and get just a little of the feeling of peace and joy from them as I did creating them.