Craft Center Gallery

ceramic sculpture detail

Latika Jain - Akriti

Life is a continuous flow of energy that shapes and transcends into our creative sphere through experiences. The dialogue between imagination and expression has always fascinated me. What lies within the inner most depth of our being seeks to be acknowledged, seeks to be uncovered and shared. I like to think that I work from those deeper spaces of my mind, where time ceases and true peace resides. Working with clay gives me that opportunity to capture experiences, manipulate structures, lines and forms; to shape my creativity. My goal is to intertwine forms that are sculptural and functional as objects intended to be placed within our special spaces, to shape them.

I throw and alter forms abandoning function, still maintaining the essence of the un-functional vessel. I am intrigued by the relationship between utility and beauty, aesthetic considerations and functional concerns.

 Visual joy is what I hope to shape in my work!                                                        


Latika Jain has a degree in Ceramics from Sir J.J. School of Arts / University of Bombay, India.

She studied at Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry, India, London University, London, and Harvard University/Radcliffe College Ceramics Studio, Cambridge Massachusetts. Has exhibited in solo and group shows internationally since 1991.