Nadia Kaspersky | Fringe

“Fringe” is a showcase of what I consider to be my best work across a variety of mediums. As a sophomore in high school, my mother taught me how to use a sewing machine and my skills grew with each project I undertook, culminating with the creation of my junior and senior year prom dresses. During my time in college, the Craft Center has allowed me to gain new skills in crafts like ceramics, stained glass, bronze sculpture, woodworking etc. In my life, both intentionally and accidentally, there have been many times where I am felt different from the groups that I have been a part of. In my art, I have always tried to make unique choices and distinguish myself from others. If people are one way, I strive to be the other.

My main goal with all my pieces is to satisfy my need for extravagance and drama and to bring joy to others who see them. Though it does not resemble a traditional art gallery, I hope you enjoy my work and that it inspires you to break out of the status quo and forge a different path for yourself.

Nadia Kaspersky is a 4th year Fiber and Polymer Science Major and Theater and Dance Minor here at UC Davis. In addition to crafting, she is an accomplished musician. She studied cello at the Colburn School of Music in Los Angeles, is a member of the Los Angeles Balalaika Orchestra playing Tenor Domra, and is a section leader of the Tenor Saxophones in the UC Davis Marching Band. She is also an instructor at the Craft Center in addition to being the Welding Studio Manager.