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Lap Swimming Updates/Reminders!

Update (2/1/21)

  • The Rec Pool welcomes back Sport Clubs.
  • Updated Winter Quarter Swim Times, here
  • The Rec Pool is open to UC Davis Students and UC Davis Faculty and Staff only. 
  • Designated High-Risk Population Lap Swim is on Weekends (Sa-Su) from 11am-12pm.

Change to Membership Access

This has been an ever-changing summer with suspended operations, adjusted activities and now facing poor air quality due to an intense fire season. We thank you for your patience as we have been directed to modify operations throughout these challenging times. 

Based on the COVID-19 Industry Guidance for Institutes of Higher Education from the California Department of Public Healthfor the time being, campus has directed us to limit access to our facilities and programs to UC Davis students, faculty, and staff. This means we are suspending community memberships for non-students, faculty, and staff effective starting September 12th. This policy will be in place until there are changes to the California Department of Public Health guidelines for Institutes of Higher Education. 

  • If you have unused swims on your 15 visit pass after this Friday, September 11th, you will be reimbursed for unused swims. We will not sell any more 15 visit passes to members who are not UC Davis students or current staff and faculty.
  • When the ARC can open in the future, if we are still under the above-referenced guidelines, we will continue to limit access to UC Davis students, faculty and staff. 

We know this is a disappointment for many of our members. Please know this decision is being made across campus programs and facilities. We look forward to the day we can expand our offerings to our community members.

Lap Swimming

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stated that “there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of recreational waters. Follow safe swimming practices along with social distancing and everyday preventative actions to protect yourself”. You can find this information here.  

It is important to note there are some initial restrictions with the return of Lap Swimming. 

What are those restrictions?
At this moment in time, the Aquatics Unit is allowing Current UC Davis Students, and current UC Davis Faculty and Staff to reserve lanes. 

How do I Lap Swim?

If you wish to lap swim, you will need two things; A Multi-Visit Pass* and a Lane Reservation.

1. The Multi-Visit pass enables patrons to enter the Recreation Pool a limited number of times (5/10/15), within 30 days of purchase OR until the end of the month in which the pass was purchased (whichever comes first) – The Multi-Visit Pass opens up lanes to patrons who have struggled reserving Lap Swimming Lanes and will help create a welcoming environment.

2. You may reserve a lane ahead of time via the online Campus Recreation portal. There will be a maximum of 2 swimmers per lane (If those two patrons share a household) and Aquatics politely requests to come to the pool swim ready. If there are two swimmers in a lane, they should start from opposite ends of the pool so that the two swimmers are never on the same wall at the same time—locker rooms are open however day use lockers will not be available. 

*Enrolled Students do not have to purchase a Multi-Visit Pass. 


Face Coverings are required when NOT swimming and all Patrons must be screened Via the Daily Symptom Survey before entry. 
Please note that to start, Patrons must be 18 Years + and may only swim once per day. 

Lap swimming will be split into 45-minute sessions across three different blocked times: morning, noon, evening. There will be time breaks between each session so that lifeguards can test the water chemicals and clear the pool deck to clean and sanitize before the next session begins.

Each session allows 6+* patrons to swim. There are 5 lanes available online and 1 for walk-ups. The lanes are first come, first served. Please be aware that if all of the lanes are reserved and you don’t have a reservation, you will not be able to enter the facility. 

*If you are swimming with somebody from the same household, only one of you need to make a reservation - but both swimmers must have a valid student membership OR Multi-Visit Pass. 

For information on how to reserve your lane, head to Lap Swim Reservation page OR head to the UC Davis Campus Recreation Portal (Aquatics). 


Walk-ups available!


Whether you want to improve your fitness or relax in the sun, Campus Recreation has a pool for you. Swimming can provide a full-body, cardiovascular workout, while also improving endurance, posture and muscle strength. From the fitness novice to the performance athlete, swimming is an excellent low-impact exercise option for any individual. If you would rather lounge by the pool, our facilities also offer a relaxing, easy-going environment to escape those stressful days. Whatever your preference, Campus Recreation offers outstanding opportunities.

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The Rec Pool has a PAL user-operated lift. If you have any questions please contact

The Department of Campus Recreation is committed to making its programs accessible to persons with disabilities. If you need an accommodation to participate in a class because of a disability, please contact the Campus Recreation Administrative Office at 530-752-1730 at least four weeks prior to the event or activity with information regarding the requested accommodation.

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Pool Reservations

For information on reserving either Hickey Pool or the Rec Pool, head here.


For general inquiries, please call the Rec Pool Facility at (530) 752-2691 or email

Campus Closure Policy: If the University cancels academic classes (closes campus), we will likely cancel all recreational programming and close certain facilities, etc. Efforts will be made to reschedule canceled classes/activities once campus re-opens. No refunds or prorations for a membership or canceled classes/activities will be issued.