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We understand the campus directives about remote learning raises some questions. Student Affairs has created and will be updating a page with frequently asked questions for students. Also, learn about  the ARC closure and Campus Recreation spring registration.

Specialty + Teen Programs

Our Specialty + Teen Camps often span several ages and grade levels. Please pay attention to programs with specific age or grade requirements.

We have many new and expanded offerings this year, please check them out by category below!

Bio Boot Camps

Brought to you by the Bohart Museum of Entomology and the UCD Museum of Wildlife & Fish Biology

Bio Boot Camp (Grades 7–9)

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​​​​​​Modified schedule, see below

Together with the Bohart Museum of Entomology and the UCD Museum of Wildlife & Fish Biology, we launched Bio Boot Camp in 2011, a camp for junior high aged students who are interested in the natural sciences. There is limited enrollment and so we ask that the students themselves be part of the enrollment process. This is a full day camp from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday based at UC Davis. Then on Thursday morning we travel to a UC Reserve for an overnight experience: this year, we'll head to the mountains at the UC Berkeley Sagehen Creek Field Station just outside of Truckee in the Sierras. We return to Davis on Friday afternoon.

Transportation (vans), 3 meals, and housing (bunkhouse or cabin) are provided. Each camp has an enrollment of 12 students and 2 instructors. You can view more information on the Bohart website.

Week 9 BBCBT9 August 10–14

Bio Boot 2.0 (Grades 10–12)

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​​​​​​Modified schedule, see below

Together the Bohart Museum of Entomology and UCD Museum of Wildlife & Fish Biology launched Bio Boot Camp 2.0 in 2013 after much enthusiasm from Bio Boot Campers who graduated out of the junior high program. The camp spans 7 days and 6 nights, Sunday 2:30 pm – Saturday 2:30 pm. Pick-up and drop-off will be at the museums on the UC Davis Campus. The first day, students drive up to the mountains to get to know the ecology of the Sierra and settle in at UC Berkeley's Sagehen Creek Field Station outside Truckee, CA . There we will conduct a group project and a mini individual project and explore the area and discuss college and career paths. However, this is still camp, so there are wandering hikes, exploring Lake Tahoe, silly games, and a lot of fun throughout! We will be stopping at the UC Davis campus on Friday for part of the day to tour the museums and the campus before traveling to UC Davis Quail Ridge Field Station outside of Winters, CA for the last night of camp. Campers will get to compare the Sierra to the Central Valley, prepare for their presentations, and have their costumed dinner party.

Transportation (vans), housing (tents/cabins), and food will be provided, but campers will be expected to help prepare group meals and clean up after themselves. This camp has an enrollment of 10 students and 3 instructors. You can view more information on the Bohart website.

Week 7 (modified) BBCTT7 July 26–August 1

Junior Lifeguard

Junior Lifeguarding (Ages 12–14)

👉 Note specific age range
9 am – 12 pm
$240  |  Enroll Now

The Junior Lifeguarding program is open to preteens and teens ages 12-14 with high-level swimming ability. A swim test will be given the first day. The focus of the program is to give participants an introduction to the basic skills of lifeguarding, including hands-only CPR, first aid, rescue techniques, recognizing and responding to emergency situations, and the responsibilities of lifeguarding. This class will prepare the participant for American Red Cross Lifeguard Training (but it is not the certification course). Class is one week long, Monday through Friday. Participants will receive a whistle and a Junior Lifeguard T-shirt.

Week 5 AQUJT5 July 13–17

Leaders in Training

Leaders in Training (Ages 14–17)

✅ Apply now! Due Apr 10
8:30 am – 3 pm

Campers will learn valuable communication and leadership skills during this two week camp. Our LIT program provides participants with the opportunity to develop confidence and quick thinking skills that will serve them well in school and in life. After a morning training on the first day of camp, LITs will spend their first week exploring the Youth Programs Camps as a group with a mentor counselor who will answer their questions and instruct them on relevant child care and leadership skills. Then, for the second week, they will have the opportunity to be paired with a camp that interests them to practice the skills they learned. LITs will help lead activities, play games, and otherwise act as a role model and leader for the campers in their assigned camps. LITs have the support of counselors and administrative staff. This program is for highly motivated young people who work and play hard who are ready for the additional responsibility of youth leadership.

Note: While not required, it is recommended that applicants have leadership experience or experience working with children. There are a limited number of spaces and the online application is required.

Weeks 1–2 LITCT1 June 15–19
June 22–26

Music Workshops

Brought to you by the UC Davis Department of Music

Glee! An 'A Cappella' Workshop (Grades 10–12) [Two-week]

⭐ New this year!
$465  |  Enroll Now

Modified Schedule
Monday–Friday, 1:30–5:30 pm

Do you love to sing, but feel a little lost in the shuffle of big choirs and long school days? Would you like an opportunity to sing pop music, musical theater, and other types of music that you normally don't get to sing? Are you intrigued by a cappella groups and would like the chance to make music that way? Come to Glee!, a workshop where many styles of group singing will be explored in a small-group environment. Sing the latest pop music, challenging new compositions, music from around the world, and more! Learn more about vocal technique and effective group singing while still enjoying a safe, relaxed and fun atmosphere that gives you the opportunity to create music with others. Over the course of two weeks, we will put together a set of songs that we will perform at the end of the session. A day-in-the-life of the workshop will involve vocal warm-ups, breathing techniques and group warm-up games in addition to learning and polishing several songs.

Lead Instructor: Emily Sullivan – Ph.D. Student, Composition

Assistant Instructors:

Leanny Muñoz – Ph.D. Student, Musicology (Weeks 4–5)
Sarah Miller – Ph.D. Student, Musicology (Weeks 9–10)

Weeks 4–5 MUSGT4 July 6–10
July 13–17
Weeks 9–10 MUSGT9 August 10–14
August 17–21

Young Composers Workshop 2020 (Grades 6–12) [Two-week]

✅ Survey open!

Modified Schedule
Monday–Thursday, 10 am – 3 pm

This summer camp is designed for middle and high school-aged composers interested in many musical styles, including but not limited to classical music, film music, avant-garde, musical theatre, and electronic music. During the course of 2 weeks, participants will create a new composition that will be performed in a culminating concert at the end of the camp. Note: Composers who participated in 2019 are welcome to attend in 2020 as well. 

The workshop will likely include the following activities:

  • Group listening / score study + discussion (daily)**
  • Dictation (i.e. ear-training / notation) + aural skills (daily) **
  • Composition Workshop / Lessons 
  • “Real-time notation sessions” (i.e., speed composing + critique) 
  • Conducting 
  • Group Improvisation 
  • Group discussions
  • Guest artists lectures / workshops

**Applicants must be able to read/write music/notation

Lead Instructors: Adam Strawbridge & Ryan Suleiman – Ph.D. Students in Composition

Weeks 3–4 MUSYT3 June 29–July 2
July 6–10
Weeks 5–6 MUSYT5 July 13–17
July 20–24

Young Choreographers Workshop

Young Choreographers Workshop (Ages 14–17)

⭐ New this year!
8:30 am – 3 pm
$185  |  Enroll Now

Learn what it takes to create your own choreography in this crash-course camp designed for high school students ages 14-17. Led by our wonderful dance camp counselors, our young choreographers will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with other campers and their instructors to create a short piece of choreography. Counselors will guide campers through the creative process and facilitate discussion and collaboration between participants. The campers will start on day one with music selection and end the week in a performance for friends and family. We look forward to seeing what they come up with!

Week 3* DANCT3* June 29–July 2*

*NOTE: Week 3 is Mon–Thu, June 29–July 2 only. No programming is scheduled Fri, July 3. Price will be prorated during registration.