Two people climbing an indoor climbing wall at the ARC.
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Rock Wall at the ARC

The Rock Wall is Free!

Beginning fall quarter 2023, use of the Rock Wall will no longer require a paid membership. Any ARC visitor can enjoy this facility and utilize our free climbing shoes, harness, and belay device rentals. 

The Rock Wall will no longer provide chalk. Climbers are welcome to bring their own chalk as long as it is contained in a spill resistant container. Liquid chalk is available for purchase at the Market at the ARC. 

About the Rock Wall 🙂

With more than 50 routes of varying difficulty, the ARC Rock Wall is a modern facility that offers something for everyone. If you're new to climbing, our friendly and helpful staff will help you get started with everything you need to know. If you're looking to push your abilities to the next level, the wall's realistic rock-like texture and features will help you refine your technique indoors. Bring a belay partner or just drop by and meet new friends. Check out the classes and trips on the Outdoor Adventures web page to learn how you can climb outside. 

Rock Wall Dimensions and Features

  • 40' x 29'
  • Multiple routes ranging in difficulty level
  • Available climbing styles: Top Rope and Bouldering
  • Hand-sculpted free-form texture made by Entre Prises

First Time at the Rock Wall? 🤔


For normal operating hours, entry to the Rock Wall is on a first-come-first-serve basis. As space is limited, please be respectful of other visitors who wish to climb by limiting your climb time and leaving once you are finished with your session.

You can check on the current status of capacity at the Rock Wall by following the link below:

Facility Occupancy


All first-time visitors to the Rock Wall must receive an Orientation from a Rock Wall staff member before they can begin climbing. Please plan on spending the first 10-15 minutes of your first visit receiving the Rock Wall Orientation. Once you have completed an Orientation, there are 2 types of climbing to enjoy here: Bouldering and Top Rope Climbing. 


Bouldering is characterized by shorter climbing routes that do not require ropes. First time visitors to the Rock Wall can begin bouldering immediately after receiving a Rock Wall Orientation.

Top Ropes:

Top Rope climbing allows climbers to safely climb taller routes than bouldering. This style of climbing requires climbers to have some ropes skills and a partner to climb with. Passing a belay test is required for both climbers and belayers who wish to use the Top Ropes at the Rock Wall. Don't know how to top rope but interested in learning? Sign up for one of our free weekly Top Rope Lessons! Interested in more in-depth instruction and practice time? Register for one of our weekend clinics! 

Belay Tests:

Climbers can request to take a belay test anytime during normal operating hours. Belay tests cannot be taken the same day a climber has received a Top Rope Lesson or participated in a failed Belay Test. To take a belay test, a climber must bring a partner to climb for them during their test. Both members of the group can be taking the test at the same time but are not required to. On duty Rock Wall Staff cannot be the climber for a belay test. 

Additional Resources

ARC Hours
Business Center Hours

Rock Wall Hours 🙃

The Rock Wall will be closed for the Summer. Normal hours of operation will resume Wednesday, September 27th. 

Fall Quarter Hours:

Mon-Thu: 7 AM-10 AM & 2 PM-10 PM

Fri: 2 PM-8 PM

Sat/Sun: Closed

Rules of the Rock Wall

Rock Wall Rules

  1. A Rock Wall Staff member must be present to climb on the Rock Wall. Rock Wall hours are posted on the Outdoor Adventures website.
  2. Patrons must check in with a Rock Wall staff member before climbing every time they visit the Rock Wall.
  3. As space is limited, Rock Wall Staff may ask any patron to leave who is no longer climbing and/or has been in the facility longer than 2 hours in order to allow others to enter and enjoy the Rock Wall. 
  4. Private instruction is NOT allowed. All climbing skills and safety instruction must be done by a climbing wall staff member.
  5. Street shoes are not allowed on the Rock Wall or crash pads. Climbing shoe rentals are free and available at ARC equipment rental desk.
  6. No open toed shoes or sandals are permitted to climb on the wall.
  7. No loose chalk is allowed, all chalk must be in a spill resistant container.
  8. No food or drinks allowed on climbing pads.
  9. Only climbing equipment is permitted on climbing pads.
  10. You must use modern commercially manufactured equipment. All equipment is subject to inspection by climbing wall staff for acceptable use.
  11. You may use your personal climbing harnesses and belay devices as long as they meet the following requirements:
    • Personal climbing harnesses must be designed with two tie-in points and a belay loop
    • Personal climbing harnesses must not have excessive wear or any modifications
    • All belay devices must be used with a locking carabiner
    • Personal belay devices and carabiners must not have excessive wear
  12. Belaying via hip belay, munter hitch, or a figure 8 device is not allowed at the Rock Wall.
  13. Climbing shoes and harnesses must be taken off to use the restroom.
  14. No bouldering is allowed above the white bouldering line.
  15. No climbing will be permitted under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  16. No horseplay is permitted on climbing pads, on or around hanging ropes, and on the climbing walls.
  17. No climbing will be permitted with any open wounds or cuts.
  18. Report any and all incidents/safety concerns to rock wall staff.
  19. When climbing at Rock Wall, all patrons are expected to follow our Rock Wall Climbing Ethics

Rock Wall Climbing Ethics

  • Do not climb above or below another climber.
  • Top rope partners must double check each other’s harnesses, carabiners, and knots to ensure they are correct before climbing.
  • Climbing partners should communicate when beginning to climb and when lowering to avoid unnecessary injury.
  • Offer or wait to be asked before giving pointers or “beta” to other climbers.
  • Be aware of other climbers in your area at all times.
  • Alternate turns climbing a route if the Rock Wall is crowded. Be polite and courteous to your fellow climbers.
  • Treat other climbers as you would like to be treated. The Rock Wall is a place where everyone is welcome and respected.

Weekly Climbing Lessons

Free Weekly Rock Climbing Lessons

Sign up for one of the Rock Wall's free climbing lessons! These occur weekly beginning October 2nd through December 8th 2023 (excluding days the Rock Wall is closed for holidays or special events).

Top Rope Lessons: 

Learn how to tie into a climbing rope, belay a climbing partner, and identify the safe set up and use of top rope climbing equipment. 

Mon-Thu: 3 PM-4 PM & 5 PM-6 PM      Register Here!

Climbing Technique Lessons:

Improve your technique on the wall by learning various climbing movement skills.

Wed: 7 PM-7:30 PM                                Register Here!

Clinics at the Rock Wall

Registration for Fall 2023 clinics at the Rock Wall will open September 27th at 12 PM!

Climbing Technique Clinic

Improve your precision and skill on the wall by registering for a Climbing Technique Clinic! This clinic will go more in depth on various movement skills and include more hands-on practice time than our weekly lessons. Additionally, enjoy some more space to learn as the Rock Wall is not open to the public during this clinic. 

Duration: 1 Hour   

Top Rope Climbing Clinic

Improve your rope skills by registering for one of our Top Rope Climbing Clinics! This clinic will go more in depth on technical skills and best practices for top rope climbing as well as include more hands-on practice time than our weekly lessons. Additionally, enjoy some more space to learn as the Rock Wall is not open to the public during this clinic. 

Duration: 2 Hours 

Route Setting Clinic

Every wonder how the routes at the rock wall are made? Learn the ins-and-outs of setting boulder problems at the Rock Wall by registering for one of our Route Setting Clinics! Additionally, enjoy some more space to learn as the Rock Wall is not open to the public during this clinic. 

Duration: 3 Hours 

Holiday Closures & Special Hours

Monday Sept. 25th & Tuesday, Sept. 26th: Staff Training: CLOSED

Friday Oct. 13th: Rock Wall Event: CLOSED @ 5 PM

Friday, Nov. 10th: Veteran's Day: CLOSED

Wednesday Nov. 21st through Sunday Nov. 26th: Thanksgiving: CLOSED

Monday, Dec. 11th through Sunday, Jan. 6th: Winter Break: CLOSED

Monday, Jan. 15th: MLK Day: CLOSED

Monday, Feb. 19: President's Day Weekend: CLOSED

March 23rd through March 31st: Spring Break: CLOSED

Friday, May 17th: Staff Appreciation: CLOSING AT 4:30pm

Monday, May 27th: Memorial Day Weekend: CLOSED

Friday, June 14th: Graduation: CLOSED