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How to Sign up on Fusion:

Here are all the example forms you'll need to fill out. Please take a look through before you turn in a form to the Sport Club office: Sport Club Example Forms


All Check Requests should be submitted through DoSportsEasy:


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Fundraising Handbook Download Handbook  
Budget Budget Workbook Sample Budget


All travel forms should be submitted through DoSportsEasy:    
DMV Pull Notice DMV Link  


Sport Clubs Handbook Handbook  
Annual Report/Training Annual Report Safety Officer/Travel Training
Training President Training Treasurer Training
Facility Requests How to Reserve a Space Facility Request Form
Concussion Training Concussion Training  
DoSportsEasy Trainings DSE Sign up Video DSE Submit Travel Video
DoSportsEasy/Fusion Trainings


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Fusion: How to Sign Up

Coaches Information

Coaches Contract 1 of 3   Oath of Allegiance
Coaches Contract 2 of 3   Volunteer Agreement
Coaches Contract 3 of 3   Coach Agreement
Example Supplemental Coaches Contract   Example Contract

Other Helpful Forms

Graduation Verification   Download Form
Housing Tabling Guidelines   Link
Logo Guide   Trademarks and Licensing
Licensed Vendors Trademarks and Licensing Sport Club Vendors
Approved Caterers   List of Caterers