Officer Resources

The Officer Resources page serves as a hub of important training information, manuals, forms and how-to's that officers will need throughout the year. If you are an incoming or current officer, familiarize yourself with this page. It isn't an exhaustive list of items you will need as an officer, but it contains the most prominent resources that will help you fulfill your duties. 

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How to sign-up on Fusion: 

How to sign-up on DoSportsEasy: 


2021-2022 Sport Clubs Handbook - Download Here!

President/VP Training

Treasurer Officer Training

Safety & Travel Officer Training

Concussion Training

Annual Report - Download

Transition Training Supplement - Download

The annual report is submitted by each club at the end of the year to inform the Sport Clubs Office of the incoming leadership for the following school year, membership numbers, and a summary of the club's achievements and challenges, as well as goals for the upcoming year. It also serves as the club's official form of intent to register as a sport club for the following school year. 


Sport Clubs coaches need to complete and submit ALL three forms annually. Forms must be turned in before any coaching begins. The fourth form listed is an example of an optional form for any club that would like to draft up their own contract between the club and the coach. 

Oath of Allegiance

Volunteer Agreement

Coach Agreement

Optional Contract

Coaches Training


If you would like to reserve a meeting room or a field/facility for a game, tournament or special event, you will first need to check availability for the space you are needing through CES. Email the Sport Clubs coordinator once you have confirmed availability. Watch the video below for an easy run-through of this process. 

How to Reserve a Space

Practice facility requests will need to be sent in using the facility request form. This form is NOT used for meeting room or field requests for games or events. 

Facility Request Form


All travel requests will need to be submitted through DoSportsEasy. You can access the travel request form once you log in to your account from our DSE section. Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to properly submit a travel request. 

DSE Submit Travel Video

Need a DMV Pull Notice? Follow this DMV Link


2020-2021 Fundraising Handbook - Download
Donations and Gifts Presentation - Download
Donor Intent Form - Download
Deed of Gift Form - Download

Food Truck and Campus Concessions Contact:

Rich Sheasley

Student Housing & Dining Services

Concessions/ Food Trucks/ Vending


Rich can let you know if they can grant you an exception to do your own concession sales or if you need to go through campus concessions he can help facilitate scheduling that.


All check requests will need to be submitted through DoSportsEasy. You can access the check request form once you log in to your account from our DSE section. Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to properly submit a check request from your allocation, service and donation account. 

Allocation/Service/Donation Check Request Video

Clubs are required to submit a budget workbook to the Sport Club Office detailing their income and expenses for the school year. Below is a sample workbook for reference. 

Budget Workbook - Download

Sample Budget Workbook 


The materials below will help you in making sure your marketing and public relations efforts are in line with the university's and our program's branding guidelines. Please review the guidelines before beginning your design process for merchandise and other items.

Sport Clubs Identity Guidelines

Sport Clubs Identity Guidelines Clarification Video (please review the guidelines entirely before watching this)

Below are the spirit mark files Strategic Communications has provided for us. These are to be used by designers or the company working on your items. Change of color configuration should be done by Repro Graphics or a professional designer. If you are in need of your club's specific signature, please email the Sport Club Coordinator to receive those files (07/08/21 - we will be sending these out to each club soon.)

Primary Spirit Marks - Digital Use

Primary Spirit Marks - Print Use

UCD Sport Clubs Lock-up (updated as of 10/27/21)

Below is UC Davis' Brand Communications Guide for you to look over and get a better understanding of where our guidelines stem from, the university's specific branding guidelines, and the expectation set when representing the UC Davis brand.

UC Davis Brand Communications Guide

Other Helpful Forms and Links

Registrar Eligibility Verification-Please email all forms to Ben Dao at If you have a paper form, please have it dropped off at the Sport Club office at the ARC. Please allow at least 1 week to complete this verification process. 

Graduation Verification Form

Housing Tabling Guidelines Link

Licensed Vendors - Licensing Guide link / Licensed Vendors List

Approved Caterers Link


For more information on COVID-19 campus guidelines and resources, visit:  

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