Extended Day

Early Check-In

Program Time: 7:30–8:30 a.m.
$20 || Enrollment Open

Early Check-In allows parents more flexibility on busy camp mornings. This program is charged on a weekly basis.

Program Calendar

RECRP1 June 17–21
RECRP2 June 24–28
RECRP3 July 8–12
RECRP4 July 15–19
RECRP5 July 22–26
RECRP6 July 29–August 2
RECRP7 August 5–9 
RECRP8 August 12–16
RECRP9 August 19–23

Afternoon Adventures

Program Time: 3–6 p.m.
$80 || Enrollment Open

Afternoon Adventures is the perfect program for campers who just didn’t get enough camp during the day! Campers can enjoy a fun-filled afternoon from 3-6p at the brand new Rec Pool where they will spend time playing games (both in and out of water), making crafts, and hanging out with new friends. This camp allows for a less structured schedule where campers can choose between a variety of games and activities in which to participate. Please note that all campers must be picked up by 6p, or a late fee of $15 (per camper, per day) will be applied.

Program Calendar

AFTRP1 June 17–21
AFTRP2 June 24–28
AFTRP3 July 8–12
AFTRP4 July 15–19
AFTRP5 July 22–26
AFTRP6 July 29–August 2
AFTRP7 August 5–9 
AFTRP8 August 12–16
AFTRP9 August 19–23

Please note: No camps are held the week of July 1–5.