Studio Tour

Maker Space

The Maker Space is the newest studio to join the Craft Center, and currently features a growing workspace to innovate and collaborate. Our Maker Space Studio has an Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer, a Monoprice Mini 3D printer, a Glowforge Laser Engraver, and a Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Cutter. Coming soon is a VERSA laser engraver. Available for checkout is a variety of other tools like soldering kits, digital calipers, and Arduino sparkboards. Contact:

Arts and Crafts Studio

Our Arts and Crafts Studio has drawing tables and tabletop easels. You can check out airbrushes, X-ACTO knives, T-squares and rulers for use in the studio.

You must bring your own painting and drawing implements. Only water-based materials are allowed. Unfortunately, we do not and cannot offer oil painting due to issues with ventilation. Contact:

Ceramics Studio

Our ceramics studio has 11 kick wheels, five electric wheels, a slab roller, round and square extruders and workspace for handbuilding. We have three electric kilns, a raku kiln and a large gas kiln that fires to cone 10. Glazes, slips, oxides and firings for up to 30 medium-sized pieces per quarter are included when you purchase a quarter pass. The ceramics studio closes 15 minutes before Craft Center closing time. Contact:

Flameworking Studio

Located in our covered exterior courtyard, our Flameworking Studio is outfitted with six minor/mid-range torches and annealing kilns for making glass beads, small glass sculptures or vessels. We offer clear borosilicate glass rods and tubes of varying thicknesses, soft glass rods in an array of colors, and bead mandrels for purchase behind the front desk. Contact:

Glass Studio

Our glass studio has work tables, a ring saw, a came saw, glass fusing kilns and workboards with storage shelves. You can check out grinders, soldering equipment and the many hand tools required for working with stained or fused glass.

We also have a sandblaster in our exterior courtyard for etching glass. Contact:

Jewelry Studio

Our jewelry studio has a large work table, a soldering area, individual work stations, grinders/polishers, lapidary wheels, flex shafts with accessories, a centrifugal casting arm, a vacuum casting area and two burnout kilns. Our exterior courtyard houses a large metal melter that allows students to create medium-sized bronze sculptures. Contact:

Photography Studio

We have a spacious main darkroom (left) with seven enlargers, plus four individual darkrooms with enlargers that can be used for printing or processing your black-and-white film. In the main darkroom, we provide fresh chemicals every day for black-and-white printing. In the photo finishing room we have work tables, film and print dryers, mounting presses, and mat cutters. The darkrooms close 30 minutes prior to Craft Center closing time. Contact:

Screenprinting Studio

Our screenprinting studio has a six-station, multi-color printer, several single-print stations, a pressure washer, a screen drying unit and an exposing unit. You can check out wooden screen frames and all of the other tools you will need.Contact:

Textiles Studio

Our textiles studio is divided into three separate areas: sewing, dyeing, and weaving/spinning. The sewing area has eight household sewing machines, two sergers, irons and ironing boards, and work tables. The weaving/spinning area has six four-harness floor looms, four portable table looms and five spinning wheels. The dyeing area has stoves, microwaves, sinks, pots, blenders and a large work space. Contact:

Welding Studio

Several welding stations and a forge are located in our covered exterior courtyard. We have equipment for arc, oxy-acetylene, MIG and TIG welding, as well as metal band-saws, a bender, a shear, a plasma cutter, grinders, a metal miter saw, belt sanders, drill presses and bike-building jigs. You can check out a variety of hand tools for use in the studio. Contact:

Woodworking Studio

Our Wood Studio includes a table saw, band saw, miter saw, radial arm saw, scroll saw, jointer, planer, mortiser, router table, disk sanders, oscillating drum sander, drill press and lathe. You can check out a full range of portable power and hand tools, bits, and blades for use in the studio.

Access to the Woodworking Studio requires a Wood Studio Qualification in place of an Orientation. This consists of a safety check for all of the machinery within the Studio. Contact: