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The UC Davis Campus Recreation Cal Aggie Camp provides underprivileged and inner-city youth an opportunity to experience the outdoors and enjoy being a kid. Cal Aggie Camp has become a beacon of hope for these children and a reminder of the positive impact that Campus Recreation and UC Davis Aggies have on their community. Your gift will help fund the arts and crafts at camp, replace any supplies or equipment, make improvements to the facilities, and complete background checks and fingerprinting of our staff. Donate today πŸ˜€.

What impact do donations have on Cal Aggie Camp? πŸ‘

The generosity of donors like you help keep our camp free for all of our campers! Within the past two years, we have restored our commitment to providing two weeks of camp to better serve more of our community. This means that we increasingly look towards donations to not only house and feed everyone at camp, but also to ensure that we have enough supplies to keep our camp traditions alive. Donations will be used to buy a wide variety of items that help make camp fun like s'mores supplies, water balloons, craft supplies, and all the other equipment needed to create the full camp experience! We greatly appreciate any contribution you can make, please click the button in the upper right hand corner of this page to give to Cal Aggie Camp today.