President: TBA
 Convene and facilitate Sport Club Council (CSC) meetings 

 Facilitate CSC E-Board prep-meetings before CSC meetings 

 Organize the Executive Board function –overseeing duties of the e-board members 

 Serve as advocate for Clubs through communication with Club Sports Staff when necessary 

 Serve as mentor to Club officers as requested/needed

Vice President: TBA

 Communicate Sport Club event opportunities (3-4 per year) especially focused on Community Service 

 Oversee sub-committee progress and ensure deadlines are being met 

 Serve as the representative from the Executive Board on the Recreation Advisory Council

 Serve as mentor to Club officers as requested/needed 

Finance: TBA

 Search out and inform CSC of fundraising opportunities 

 Work with Club Sports Staff to prepare for Budget Allocation process 

 Lead Budget Allocation Committee through process to create Allocation Recommendation 

 Present Budget Presentation Guidelines at Monthly Sport Club Meeting prior to Budget Meetings 

 Debrief allocation process with Club Sports Staff to ensure procedural improvements annually 

Public Relations: TBA

 Solicit stories from clubs and compile articles, photos, and videos for the Sport Club Website/Facebook page 

 Assist with compilation of social media content 

 Seek out opportunities for Club Sports representatives to be involved on campus through focus groups, advisory boards, etc. 

Secretary: TBA

 Alert contacts of CSC meeting dates and times 

 Prepare agenda for CSC meeting 

 Take minutes during CSC meetings and Monthly Meetings 

 Send minutes out to contacts after CSC meeting and Monthly Meetings

 Serve as informant for changes in Club Sport Manual, policies and procedures, etc.