B Camps (Grades 1-2)

Aggie Camp B

8:30 am – 3 pm
$ Price coming soon

Aggie B is an engaging experience for youth entering Grades 1-2. Packed with exciting indoor and outdoor activities, this is a great place to learn new skills and discover new talents. Each week will feature an original theme that will be emphasized by activities throughout that week. Our staff will inspire campers to come out of their comfort zones and build self-confidence by creating a safe and fun environment. From creating their own DIY kites, learning camp songs, to having fun with very STEMulating activities, campers will have fond memories to take home.

This camp is scheduled to swim on set days. The swim schedule will be included in the Parent Handbook, which will be available in the spring. Campers who choose not to swim will have the option to participate in non-aquatic activities.

Week 1 AGCAB1 June 15–19
Week 2 AGCAB2 June 22–26
Week 3* AGCAB3* June 29–July 2*
Week 4 AGCAB4 July 6–10
Week 5 AGCAB5 July 13–17
Week 6 AGCAB6 July 20–24
Week 7 AGCAB7 July 27–31
Week 8 AGCAB8 August 3–7
Week 9 AGCAB9 August 10–14
Week 10 AGCAB0 August 17–21

Craft Camps B

In these introductory craft camps, participants will have the chance to learn and strengthen new skills by creating unique pieces of art. Campers will learn various techniques and become familiar with multiple craft media. Craft projects will range from functional to decorative depending on the chosen camp. Each Friday at 2:00pm, campers can show off their creations during the craft show located in the check in area.

The craft programs are designed to promote a fun, holistic learning experience with activities scheduled outside of the Craft Center during the afternoons. These may include craft related group games, camp-favorite medic ball, and exploring public art displays on campus. These activities will also give campers a chance to explore the campus and meet other campers outside of their specific camp.

Ceramics B

8:30 am – 3 pm
$ Price coming soon

Campers will learn basic techniques used in ceramics in order to incorporate them into hand-build pieces of art using clay. Campers will learn concepts of clay molding and hand-building in hopes of introducing them to a new form of art. 

Ceramics B offers campers an introduction to a new outlet of creative expression by providing campers with fun and informative skills of ceramics. Campers will be guided through projects such as leaf pinch pots, geometric pencil holders, clay name letters, among a variety of others. Campers will also be allowed to use their creativity and imagination to personalize their projects and paint them in time to display their works of art in our craft shows!

Week 1 CFTCB1 June 15–19
Week 2 CFTCB2 June 22–26
Week 3* CFTCB3* June 29–July 2*
Week 4 CFTCB4 July 6–10
Week 5 CFTCB5 July 13–17
Week 6 CFTCB6 July 20–24
Week 7 CFTCB7 July 27–31
Week 8 CFTCB8 August 3–7
Week 9 CFTCB9 August 10–14
Week 10 CFTCB0 August 17–21

Nature Craft B

New this year!
8:30 am – 3 pm
$ Price coming soon

Campers will learn the importance of recycling and its impact on our environment as they use this knowledge to have fun and create eco-friendly crafts from recycled materials. Students will be taken to the arboretum to learn how the earth and nature is an art of its own. We will gather materials there to help to create different projects.

Projects: CD animals, toilet paper roll animals, jar lid boats, egg carton flowers

Skills: Learning about the process of recycling and how trash can be made fun and useful through creativity and crafting.

Week 3* CFTNB3* June 29–July 2*
Week 4 CFTNB4 July 6–10
Week 6 CFTNB6 July 20–24
Week 7 CFTNB7 July 27–31
Week 8 CFTNB8 August 3–7
Week 10 CFTNB0 August 17–21

Sampler B

8:30 am – 3 pm
$ Price coming soon

If you have a camper interested in all parts of arts and crafts, this might be the camp for them! This program is an opportunity for students to begin understanding multiple mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, among others to use for self expression. Sampler is a unique camp where campers get to express their creativity and where we encourage them to use their imagination. This camp is a great idea for young participants who are interested in learning more on the variety of art forms that exist.

Week 1 CFTSB1 June 15–19
Week 2 CFTSB2 June 22–26
Week 4 CFTSB4 July 6–10
Week 5 CFTSB5 July 13–17
Week 6 CFTSB6 July 20–24
Week 8 CFTSB8 August 3–7
Week 9 CFTSB9 August 10–14

Exploration Camps B

Dance: Exploration of Movement B

8:30 am – 3 pm
$ Price coming soon

Make new friends while exploring the art of movement through basic dance techniques, exercise, and movement games. Campers will get the opportunity to explore a variety of dance styles in an approachable, supportive camp environment. Each Friday, we will present a special performance for family and friends to showcase all of the choreography the campers learned throughout the week. Movement camp welcomes all skill levels and disciplines.

Week 1 EXPMB1 June 15–19
Week 2 EXPMB2 June 22–26
Week 8 EXPMB8 August 3–7

Sports: Exploration of Athletics B

New this year!
8:30 am – 3 pm
$ Price coming soon

Get a running start at fun this summer by participating in age-appropriate sports and athletic activities that help foster a life-long enthusiasm for athletics. Exploration of Athletics allows our youngest athletes the opportunity to try sports like soccer and basketball and improve coordination and athletic ability. By participating in activities like swim time and rock climbing in an environment that emphasizes sportsmanship and effort over competition, campers will be sure to have a blast. This camp welcomes all skill levels! Whether they have been playing sports since they could walk or are trying it out for the first time, we are sure your camper will love Exploration of Athletics.

Week 3* EXPAB3* June 29–July 2*

Theater: Exploration of Drama B

New this year!
8:30 am – 3 pm
$ Price coming soon

Explore acting and make new friends in the exciting world of theater! This one-week camp is designed to let your camper release their inner thespian with the help of supportive, enthusiastic counselors. Instead of putting on a play, this camp allows our youngest actors and actresses flexibility by exploring acting through games and skits. On the last day of camp, the campers will put on a special performance for their friends and families that showcases all they have learned. 

Week 4 EXPDB4 July 6–10

Tabletop Game Design B

Brought to you by the UC Davis Games Area

New this year!
8:30 am – 3 pm

Campers will learn what it takes to make tabletop games, including designing, prototyping, play testing, and balancing new games. Participants will be introduced to concepts relating to board games, card games, and role-playing games. Learn the basic game concepts like design, composition, rule creation, and game testing with peers, all culminating in creating a final game that can be brought home and shared with the whole family!

Week 3* GAMBB3* June 29–July 2*
Week 7 GAMBB7 July 27–31
Week 10 GAMBB0 August 17–21

Making Through Playing: A Music Composition Camp B

Brought to you by the UC Davis Department of Music

New this year!
9 am – 3 pm

Have you ever made music with sticks and rocks? Do you like to sing or bang on pots and pans? Have you ever wanted to crawl inside of a piano and pluck the strings? Then this is the camp for you! Throughout our week together we will make all sorts of weird and funny sounds together, even if we have to make our own instruments! We will write music about anything from rainy days to haunted mansions, and yes! We will play our pieces in a short concert at the end of the week for any interested family or friends! It’s going to be a lot of fun making music together!

Lead Instructor: Joseph Vasinda – Ph.D. Student, Composition

Week 1 MUSPB1 June 15–19
Week 2 MUSPB2 June 22–26
Week 4 MUSPB4 July 6–10

Aggie B + Swim

8:30 am – 3 pm
$ Price coming soon

Aggie B Swim is a unique camp that provides 45 minute swim lessons, Monday-Thursday, for youth entering Grades 1-2. Campers will meet at the Rec Pool and go through the normal check-in process, starting at 8:30am. Participants are required to arrive in a bathing suit and sunscreen, and bring a set of clothes (including their camper shirts) to change into after the lesson. On Mondays, campers will be assessed as a group and placed into different levels based on swim instructors’ evaluations. Campers will receive a swim report card at the end of the week. If a camper misses two or more days, they will not receive a report card due to the time required to develop and evaluate skills. Lessons begin at 9:20 and end at 10:05am, when they will change and begin camp activities. Campers will have opportunities to engage in fun indoor and outdoor activities that help build self-confidence and friendships. 

In addition to swim lessons, this camp will have recreational swim on Fridays. The swim schedule will be included in the Parent Handbook, which will be available in the spring. Campers who choose not to swim recreationally will have the option to participate in non-aquatic activities.

Each participant may only register for two sessions.

Week 2 AGCSB2 June 22–26
Week 3* AGCSB3* June 29–July 2*
Week 4 AGCSB4 July 6–10
Week 5 AGCSB5 July 13–17
Week 6 AGCSB6 July 20–24
Week 7 AGCSB7 July 27–31
Week 8 AGCSB8 August 3–7
Week 9 AGCSB9 August 10–14
Week 10 AGCSB0 August 17–21


*NOTE: Week 3 is Mon–Thu, June 29–July 2 only. No programming is scheduled Fri, July 3. Price will be prorated during registration.