Registration, Policy and FAQs

There has been a lot of scrambling in response to the uptick of positivity around campus, and we all thank you for your patience. The Craft Center now has a plan of action for the quarter. The Craft Center will be available to UC Davis students and affiliates this quarter. Community members with be given full refunds for their registrations. Classes starting next week will be postponed an additional week while we process the refunds and waitlists. The Craft Center will be open Monday January 10th for studio use, and classes will begin Tuesday, January 18. Studio occupancy will be limited to 10 or fewer. All participants are strongly encouraged to wear a KN95 mask.

  1. Craft Center opens January 10.
  2. Classes scheduled to start next week be postponed one week.
  3. Classes scheduled to start January 18 and beyond will meet as scheduled.
  4. Community members will be given full refunds.
  5. KN95 masks recommended.

How to Register:

All participants at the Craft Center must be over 18 years of age. Please create an online profile with Campus Recreation to register for classes. 

Online Registration:

Step 1. Click here to visit the Recreation online portal.

Step 2. Click the Sign Up Button in the upper right hand corner. (Students/Staff can login using their Kerberos information.)

Step 3. Fill in the required fields in order to create a profile. 

In-Person Registration:

In-person registration is held at the Craft Center in the South Silo Building, just off Hutchison Drive. If you do not have an Online Profile already, we can make one together in-person. 

We only accept credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover). We do not handle cash transactions. 

We no longer handle registrations over the phone. 


Wait Lists + Refund Policy 

For more information, please see our Policy section below.


The Campus Recreation and UC Davis are committed to making its programs accessible to persons with disabilities. If you need an accommodation to participate in a program because of a disability, please contact the Campus Recreation Administrative Office at least four weeks prior to the event or activity with information regarding the requested accommodation. The Administrative Office can be reached by calling 530-752-1730.

Craft Center Class Policies

Campus Recreation Fee Waiver

Campus Recreation is excited to offer a fee waiver for students interested in participating in programs at any of our centers, made possible through a partnership with Amazon.

Any current and active fee paying UC Davis student can apply for a fee waiver to enroll in classes at less than the usual cost. More information can be found with the Campus Recreation Fee Waiver Application.

Stay in the Loop!

Sign up to receive emails for Campus Recreation. Whether you want updates on everything or just a few select programs, you are welcome to come as you are. Sign up here, and you’ll hear from us soon!


For continuing or intermediate level classes, we will now require Orientations instead of Permission Codes. Anyone who has taken a beginning level class or has previous experience with a particular studio will have that Studio Orientation applied to their account. Please call or email the Craft Center for more information.


A refund may only be granted if we cancel the class or if we are able to sell your spot to someone on the waiting list.

We also can provide refunds for Fee Waivers that are processed after a class has been purchased.

We cannot provide refunds for classes that have already begun, or are currently ongoing. If we are unable to sell your spot in the class to someone on the waitlist, we cannot provide the refund. 

Campus Closure Policy: If the University cancels academic classes (closes campus), we will likely cancel all recreational programing and close certain facilities, etc. Efforts will be made to reschedule canceled classes/activities once campus re-opens. No refunds or prorations for a membership or canceled classes/activities will be issued.


The waitlist is for those who wish to register for a class that is already full. Our online system supports waitlists. If someone wishes to sell their spot in the class, we will email customers in the order they appear on the waitlist and give each person time to confirm their interest before moving on to the next after 24 hours have passed.

Please do not come on the first day of class unless you have registered and paid for the class. Even if a space opens up, we do not allow others into the class ahead of those who are on the waitlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Craft Center be open Winter Quarter?

Yes! We will have in-person instruction in the Winter starting January 10, 2022. The Craft Center will follow campus guidelines for in-person instruction.

When do we post new class schedules?

The schedule for next quarter's class offerings will be published by the 7th week of the current quarter.

How do I register for a class?

See the section at the top of this page for all newcomers to the Craft Center! Our classes are not drop-in events. Please do not come to a class on the first day without registering for it first. 

How do I get studio access?

If you have prior experience in one of our studios, you can sign up and complete an Orientation, after which you will be able to use that studio. Studio Orientations can be scheduled by coming into the Craft Center and filling out a short form with contact information.

Please note that Studio Orientations are meant for people who are experienced with the tools and materials in a particular studio and do not replace previous experience or proper instruction.

Both the Wood and Welding studios have Qualifications instead of Orientations. To participate in a Qualification you must register for it online or in person. Qualification dates are published with class listings.

We do not accept walk ins for Qualifications but may accept walk-in Orientations depending on Studio Manager availability.

How can I take classes for a reduced price / for free? 

We have two options for you: 

(1) Our Campus Wellbeing fee waiver offers reduced (or even free) prices for Campus Rec Activities, including Craft Center classes. This option is only available to UC Davis students. The application period opens before class registration begins, and they provide a code to be used during checkout that will apply your discounted price. Find out more on our class policies on this page

(2) Volunteering with the Craft Center is a great way to take classes that are heavily impacted and with long waitlists. We reserve 1-2 extra spots in every class just for our volunteers. By volunteering for multiple quarters, you can end up taking classes for free! Find out more on our Volunteer Opportunities section on this page! 

Why are there two prices listed?

Price A is for students and those with a Campus Rec (CR) membership.

Price B is for community members without a CR membership.

The class I wanted to take no longer has spots available! Is there a waitlist? 

Yes, we do offer waitlists. When you register for a class that is full, the online system will create a waitlist. More information about how our waitlist process works can be found on our Class Policies section of this page.

When do ceramic firings occur?

Bisc firings run continuously as need demands. Glaze firings average about one per week. Call 530-752-1475 to find out the glaze kiln status.

Can my child take classes?

The minimum age for Craft Center classes and studio access is 18 years old. However, there are programming opportunities for people under the age of 18 through Youth Programs. More information about Youth programs can be found here.

Student Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Student Employment

The Department of Campus Recreation comprises more than 20 career staff and more than 800 student employees and volunteers who invest their energy and creativity into inspiring others to maintain balanced lifestyles through recreation and leisure activities. The department is a student-focused organization, placing an emphasis on student development and leadership opportunities. Find out how you can get involved at the Craft Center by calling 530-752-1475. For a comprehensive list of student employment and volunteer opportunities with Campus Recreation, click here. Check the Internship and Career Center for current openings.


The Craft Center could not run without the efforts of our volunteers. Volunteer desk attendants comprise nearly half of our entire staff and are usually the contact our customers have with the Craft Center, either by telephone or at the front desk. In addition, they are responsible for maintaining the physical appearance of the foyer, front desk and labs. It is essential that volunteer desk attendants are trained to be the best resources of information and assistance possible, and that they feel a sense of commitment and ownership toward our goals for excellent customer service.

Due to the high level of interest in our volunteer program, we may not be able to accommodate everyone the quarter they are interested, but will keep your name on a waiting list so that you may join our staff as soon as there is an opening.

Volunteer Form

Requirements for Volunteering:

Volunteers serve as desk attendants to get essential training in Craft Center policies of registration, tool check-out, and phone procedures. Learn the basics of how we run our front desk and maintain our spaces! Shifts are a weekly set schedule of 5 hours. Daytime shifts may be broken-up to more than one day. Night and weekend shifts are a full 5 hour shift. It is important that you can commit to working a particular shift for the entire quarter. You are responsible to this commitment as you would be to any job.

Why Volunteer? 

The Craft Center is a fun and welcoming environment that offers affiliation with a community of interested craftspersons. On the job you may learn anything from screenprinting, to gallery installation, to ceramic kiln firing, and "off the job" you may enjoy sharing and exchanging knowledge about what you make.

All volunteers have free studio access to any studio they are qualified to use, as well as 10% off our resale items. New volunteers get half-off one class their first quarter volunteering, and can get one free class any consecutive quarter they volunteer.*

*To earn benefits, volunteers must complete their training and commitment of 5 hours/week. Benefits are non-cumulative and cannot be used beyond the quarter they are earned.

  • New Volunteer Sign-up and Orientation will happen on the first day the Craft Center opens. This is where new volunteers are introduced to the facility and Craft Center mission. New volunteers pick their shifts. UC Davis students are given priority over community members, but anyone can volunteer. 
  • Tool Room Training is held before Craft Center classes start. This is a 2 hour session that introduces new volunteers to the layout of the Tool Room, our tool check-out procedure, volunteer responsibilities, the front desk arrangement, and our resale inventory.
  • First Shifts begin the first week the Craft Center open, and are devoted to covering basic front desk procedures. Training continues throughout the quarter.