D Camps (Grades 6-8)

Our D Camps are for participants entering grades 6 through 8 this fall. Typical ages are 11–13; however, please pay attention to some programs with specific age or grade requirements. We have many new and expanded offerings this year, please check them out by category below!

Who is eligible to register?

UPDATE: We will be offering camps to the entire community this summer.

  • UC Davis Students, Faculty, and Staff registration April 9th - 15th. 
  • Greater community registration begins on April 16th. 

Aggie Camp D

Aggie Camp D

8:30 am – 3 pm
$205 |  Enroll Today

Aggie D is a camp created for tweens and teens who enjoy socializing, making friends, and love to be entertained everyday. Through Aggie D, there will be a multitude of activities available with a focus on experiencing the unique resources UC Davis has to offer. Throughout the week, campers will travel around the campus, visiting various locations each day. Campers will play physically active games such as kickball, in addition to taking in new knowledge from STEM related endeavors. Campers will be encouraged to have an open outlook on learning new fields of interest at UC Davis through memorable experiences. Due to the amount of walking, we encourage campers to pack lightly and wear comfortable closed toed shoes.

This camp will be scheduled to swim throughout the week. The swim schedule will be included in the Parent Handbook, which will be available in the spring. Campers that choose not to swim will have the option to participate in non-aquatic activities.

Week 1 No Camp June 14-18
Week 2 AGCAD2 June 21–25
Week 3 AGCAD3 June 28–July 2
Week 4* AGCAD4* July 6–9*
Week 5 AGCAD5 July 12–16
Week 6 AGCAD6 July 19–23
Week 7 AGCAD7 July 26–30
Week 8 AGCAD8 August 2–6
Week 9 AGCAD9 August 9–13
Week 10 AGCAD0 August 16–20

Craft Camps D

Craft Camps D

Campers will have the chance to learn and strengthen new skills by creating unique pieces of art. Craft projects will range from functional to decorative depending on the chosen camp. Some of the projects are similar to those in the younger craft camps but are geared to be more challenging for this age group. 

The craft programs are designed to promote a fun, holistic learning experience with activities scheduled outside of the craft center during the afternoons. These will include rock climbing, swimming, craft related group games, camp-favorite medic ball, and exploring public art displays on campus. These activities will give campers a chance to explore the campus and meet other campers outside of their specific camps.

Ceramics D (Two-week)

8:30 am – 3 pm
$430  |  Enroll Today

Apart from learning the basic techniques, campers in Ceramics D will also have the opportunity to work on a pottery wheel to create a variety of shapes. This camp will include more complex techniques such as wheel throwing, hand-building, pinching, coil and slab constructions. Campers will learn about the different tools used in ceramic as well as how to roll out clay and how to use a kiln to fire their artwork. Some of the art projects will include round objects, geometric objects, learning to incorporate details and carving clay.

Ceramics Camp is a fun and informative program where campers will receive a more in depth understanding of the history of ceramic and the uses it has. Campers will make bowls, cups, flower pots and much more, which they will all decorate and glaze. Ceramics D will have more freedom to create their own projects with the help of our counselors and will gain guidance if they are interested to continue it in the future!

Weeks 4-5 CFTCD4 July 6-9*
July 12-16
Weeks 8-9 CFTCD8 August 2–6
August 9–13

Clothing & Accessories D

8:30 am – 3 pm
$230  |  Enroll Today

If your camper uses clothing and different accessories as an art to express themselves, then this is the camp for them! In this program, students will learn basic skills of fashion design using a range of different textiles. They will have the ability to create a wide variety of craft from t-shirt totes, tie-dye clothing, DIY scarves, DIY printed pocket tees and many more!

Campers will not only gain skills on making fashion statements to express their creativity, they will also about how to accessorize in style! They will learn to create jewelry and other accessories from different mediums such as wire, thread, and lots of beads. Some crafts our participants will be achieving include magazine beaded bracelets, paracord bracelets, metal washer necklaces, bead keychains, and different hair accessories, just to name a few.  

Clothing & Accessories will give students the basic tools and tips on how they can use fashion as an outlet to express themselves. It in an introduction to give campers a sense of the endless possibilities they have to create art in this form.

Week 2 CFTAD2 June 21–25
Week 4* CFTAD4* July 6–9*
Week 6 CFTAD6 July 19-23
Week 8 CFTAD8 August 2-6
Week 10 CFTAD0 August 16-20

Drawing & Painting D

8:30 am – 3 pm
$230  |  Enroll Today-

Each week the projects of this camp will try to incorporate the overall theme of Youth Programs that week, but the skills and techniques taught will remain the same throughout the summer.  

Projects: learning the color wheel, 3D sketching, face portraits, inspiration rocks, tape painting, four seasons tree

Skills: Campers will learn drawing and painting techniques using watercolors, acrylic paints, ink, and graphite and colored pencils.

Week 3 CFTDD3 June 28–July 2
Week 5 CFTDD5 July 12-16
Week 7 CFTDD7 July 26–30
Week 9 CFTDD9 August 9–13

Sewing D (Two-week)

8:30 am – 3 pm
$450  |  Enroll Today

Sewing camp is open to any young crafter interested in learning to sew or want to improve and gain new tips and tricks. We offer students the opportunity to learn useful skills, express their creativity, and meet other campers who share the same interest for sewing. Any levels of experience is welcome to join! Throughout the 2 week camps students will learn how to use a sewing machine, follow a pattern and hand-stitch. For those that have had experience with sewing, they will expand on techniques learned in Beginning Sewing to make more complex projects using new techniques. Campers will create a variety of projects throughout the two-week camp including: pin cushions, scrunchies, fabric letters, pencil cases, drawstring bag, small pillows, coin purses, fabric birds, fabric lunch bag and sew many more!

Participants must purchase their fabric prior to the first class. Information will be emailed approximately one week before class starts.

Weeks 2-3 CFTBD2 June 21–June 25
June 28-July 2
Weeks 6-7 CFTBD6 July 19-23
July 26-30

Junior Lifeguard

Junior Lifeguarding (Ages 12–14)

👉 Note specific age range
9 am – 3:30 pm
$240  |  Enroll Today

The Junior Lifeguarding program is open to preteens and teens ages 12-14 with high-level swimming ability. A swim test will be given the first day. The focus of the program is to give participants an introduction to the basic skills of lifeguarding, including hands-only CPR, first aid, rescue techniques, recognizing and responding to emergency situations, and the responsibilities of lifeguarding. This class will prepare the participant for American Red Cross Lifeguard Training (but it is not the certification course). Class is one week long, Monday through Friday. Participants will receive a whistle and a Junior Lifeguard T-shirt.


Week 1

Week 2



July 19-23

July 26-30


Music Camps D

Music Camps D

UC Davis Department of Music Logo

Brought to you by the UC Davis Department of Music

The Music Summer Camps are developed and led by music graduate students. These camps are the result of the collaboration between the UC Davis Music Department and Youth Programs.

Creating By Performing: A Music Composition Workshop (Ages 12–13)

👉 Note specific age range
 New this year!
9 am – 3 pm
$295  |  Enroll Today

Are you interested in writing music that tells the world how you think or feel? Do you want to impress new friends with songs that you have written? Maybe you want to come up with new sounds that no one has ever heard before. At Creating by Performing, we will write music with new friends, using melodicas, recorders, drums, or maybe even a brand-new instrument that you create. Throughout the week we will perform and refine our work. It will be an excellent week making new music and new friends.

Lead Instructor: Joseph Vasinda – Ph.D. Student, Composition

Assistant Instructor: 

     Leanny Muñoz – Ph.D. Student, Musicology
     Emily Sullivan – Ph.D. Student, Composition


Week 10 MUSCPD0 August 16-20

Sport Camp D

Rec Sports Frenzy D

8:30 am – 3 pm
$205  |  Enroll Today

Based on the recently revamped Rec Sports program at UC Davis, Rec Sports Frenzy provides participants with the opportunity to experience and compete in a variety of sports both in teams and individually. Sports include floor hockey, basketball, bowling, tennis, and other camp favorites! Each day will focus on one to two sports, and campers will have the opportunity to improve their athletic skills. Rec Sports Frenzy is the perfect program for campers that want to refine their physical and mental skills in competition while practicing teamwork and exhibiting sportsmanship in a safe, respectful, and exciting environment. 

This camp is scheduled to swim on set days. The swim schedule will be included in the Parent Handbook, which will be available in the spring. Campers who choose not to swim will have the option to participate in non-aquatic activities.

Week 2 SPTFD2 June 21–25
Week 5 SPTFD5 July 12–16
Week 8 SPTFD8 August 2-6


Splashball/Innertube Waterpolo D

8:30 am – 3 pm
$205  |  Enroll Today

Stay cool, stay fit, and stay active in one of Youth Program’s newest camps! Splashball is designed to introduce the sport of water polo to children in an inclusive, fun environment. This camp provides basic skills instruction and game play experiences in a recreational format suitable for younger players. Although water polo is known for its toughness and endurance, Splashball harnesses all the fun, dynamic aspects of the game in a non-contact, easy to learn aquatic experience. Safety is a focus in Splashball camp, and campers will be expected to take a swim test and wear life-jackets during long sessions of game play to ensure all campers are able to participate.

Week 4* SPTSD4* July 6-9*
Week 7 SPTSD7 July 26-30

*NOTE: Week 4 is Tues–Fri, July 6-9 only. No programming is scheduled for Mon, July 5. The price will be prorated during registration.