Will the Craft Center be open Winter Quarter?

The Craft Center is currently open for UC Davis students to participate in outdoor studios (welding, flameworking, ceramics). Students need an active orientation to reserve a studio spot. 

What online content will the Craft Center be producing?

We will have a number of Craft Center Zoom classes as well as video tutorials. More information will be released on our Facebook page as we roll them out.

When do we post new class schedules?

The schedule for next quarter's class offerings will be published by the 7th week of the current quarter.

How do I register for a class?

Here is our Registration Tutorial page for all newcomers to the Craft Center! Our classes are not drop-in events. Please do not come to a class on the first day without registering for it first. 

How do I get studio access?

If you have prior experience in one of our studios, you can sign up and complete an Orientation, after which you will be able to use that studio. Studio Orientations can be scheduled by coming into the Craft Center and filling out a short form with contact information.

Please note that Studio Orientations are meant for people who are experienced with the tools and materials in a particular studio and do not replace previous experience or proper instruction.

Both the Wood and Welding studios have Qualifications instead of Orientations. To participate in a Qualification you must register for it online or in person. Qualification dates are published with class listings.

We do not accept walk ins for Qualifications but may accept walk-in Orientations depending on Studio Manager availability.

How can I take classes for a reduced price / for free? 

We have two options for you: 

(1) Our Campus Fee waiver (sponsored by Amazon) offers reduced (or even free) prices for Campus Rec Activities, including Craft Center classes. This option is only available to UC Davis students. The application period opens before class registration begins, and they provide a code to be used during checkout that will apply your discounted price. Find out more on our Class Policies page

(2) Volunteering with the Craft Center is a great way to take classes that are heavily impacted and with long waitlists. We reserve 1-2 extra spots in every class just for our volunteers. By volunteering for multiple quarters, you can end up taking classes for free! Find out more on our Volunteer Opportunities page! 

Why are there two prices listed?

Price A is for students and those with a Campus Rec (CR) membership.

Price B is for community members without a CR membership.

The class I wanted to take no longer has spots available! Is there a waitlist? 

Yes, we do offer waitlists. When you register for a class that is full, the online system will create a waitlist. More information about how our waitlist process works can be found on our Class Policies page.

When do ceramic firings occur?

Bisc firings run continuously as need demands. Glaze firings average about one per week. Call 530-752-1475 to find out the glaze kiln status.

Can my child take classes?

The minimum age for Craft Center classes and studio access is 18 years old. However, there are programming opportunities for people under the age of 18 through Youth Programs. More information about Youth programs can be found here.

Reserve a Studio Time Slot

We are currently offering studio time slots to students with a preexisting orientation for the studio.

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Register for a Craft Center Class

Remote classes are open to all and held over Zoom. All in person classes are only open to students, faculty, and staff.

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