Advisory Boards

Campus Recreation Advisory Council

The charge of the Campus Recreation Advisory Council is to review the operational, programmatic and fiscal operations of recreation and to recommend steps to be taken to enhance the health, fitness and well being of students, faculty, staff and the campus community. This process will include, but will not be limited to, the current practices, programs, facility usage priorities, policies and strategic planning for capital projects.

The Council will provide recommendations to the Director of Recreation with its assessment of the effectiveness of recreation in meeting the needs of the campus community and its recommendations for the future.

We are currently accepting applications for the Campus Recreation Advisory Council, fill out the application and apply by September 1, 2018.

The department also engages the following advisory councils:

Equestrian Center Advisory Council
IM Sports Advisory Council
Sport Clubs Advisory Council


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Campus Recreation And Unions Board

The Campus Unions and Recreation Board advises the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs on issues concerning the management, operation and capital improvements of all Campus Recreation and Unions facilities, services and programs. The board operates with three committees: the Bookstore Advisory Council, the Campus Unions Advisory Council and the Campus Recreation Advisory Council. Membership includes: eight students, including one chairperson (three graduate/professional students and five undergraduate students); one Academic Senate member or designee; one Academic Federation member or designee; one administrator; and eight ex officio nonvoting members.