Strap on those goggles and grab a racquet. The ARC offers eight 4-wall courts for racquetball, squash, and wallyball. These fun and energetic sports are popular among all patrons, so grab a partner and try one or all three for a fun & fast-paced workout.

The UC Davis Activities and Recreation Center staff recommends that all patrons playing racquetball or squash use protective eye wear to reduce the risk of injury.  It is also recommended that straps are worn when playing racquetball.

If sprinkler caps are missing, courts will be shut down for repair.

4-Wall Courts’ Dimensions & Features

  • 4 courts only for racquetball
  • 4 courts convertible for racquetball, squash, & wallyball
  • 20’ X 40’ each


Courts may be reserved up to 3 days in advance. To reserve a court please contact the Equipment Room at (530) 754-2167.

Racquetball Courts 5 & 8 can be used for alternative Open Recreation.

1. Open Recreation activity that occurs in these spaces cannot use or wear equipment that will damage the space.  ARC staff will determine these activities on a case by case basis.

2. This space will not be scheduled for non racquetball activity.

3. Priority will be for racquetball or 4-wall like activity.  Non 4-wall activity must relocate if it conflicts with Open Recreation play.

4. No music will be allowed in these areas.


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