Open for recreational use, you can play one-on-one or organize a pick-up game of your own.

The Four-Court Gym is the main facility for Intramural (IM) Sports basketball games; however, one court is always open for free recreation. Check the Pavilion for more court space.

Four-Court Gym Dimensions and Features

  • 30-foot ceilings
  • Convertible into 4 full-court basketball courts, 4 full-court volleyball courts, 16 badminton courts, or a combination
  • Floor-to-ceiling net dividers
  • Electronic scoreboards in each court for IM games
  • Two-tiered bleachers on far ends of gymnasium

Equipment Rental

Equipment for use in the Four-Court Gym may be checked out at the Equipment Room upon presenting your student ID or CRU Membership card.


For court closures and availability, please refer to the Informal Recreation schedule posted in the display case outside of the Four-Court Gym or see below.

Location Available Activites Schedules
Court 1 Basketball, Volleyball Calendar
Court 2 Basketball, Volleyball Calendar
Court 3 Basketball, Volleyball Calendar
Court 4 Basketball, Volleyball Calendar