Hello! We're the Cal Aggie Baritax!

Baritones? Bari Saxes? That’s right! We’re the Cal Aggie Baritax! Our cute little section started many years ago, when the two smallest sections in band-uh, the baritones and the bari saxes, were tired of being so tiny. So they decided to combine together, and create a happy, slightly bigger section consisting of three people. We’ve grown a lot since then, and now have more than a dozen members. So now, you’re probably thinking, “isn’t it weird to be one section now that you’re not small anymore.” Yes, yes it is. You aren’t going to find another section like ours anywhere, because the baritax is completely strange; but, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Baritax Section is proudly led by two captains, a baritone player and a bari sax player, and is brought to you by the number i– an imaginary number, representing a once imaginary section. 

Section Leaders:

Edgar Baculi

Andrea "Drax" Sommer


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