The CAMB Of Today

The Band's alter ego was formed in 1963. Until recently known as the Mav'rik Band, this looser version of the Band plays at basketball games and many other informal events. It is with this personality of the Band's that most people are familiar. In their traditional white shirts and denim jeans, topped off with distinctive black slouch hats covered with buttons and badges, the Band can show up anywhere for a performance, and usually does.

The Band traveled to Atlantic City in 1972 to root on the Aggie football team in the Boardwalk Bowl. Ten years later they would travel to the Palm Bowl in Texas for the same reason. The Aggie Band has a long tradition of supporting their team at home and away regular season football and basketball game. One past great Aggie football coach asserted that the Band was worth fourteen points per game.

In 1983 the Band recorded its first album, and two years later made its first international trip, to Romania and Austria.

The Band keeps alive the Cal Aggie Spirit at UCD through its support of the athletic teams and the University in general. The Band has earned its title: The Pride of the Regents of the University of California, the Spirit of the Davis Campus, the One, the Only, the California Aggie Marching Band-uh!