Who We Are

We are Senior Clinical Nutrition students here at UC Davis. Our coursework includes classes on nutrition assessment, motivational counseling, and dietary requirements for many different situations such as trying to build muscle, lose weight or simplify your diet. In addition to sharing a passion for nutrition and wellness, each of us have our own specific interests such as sports nutrition, special diets like veganism and vegetarianism, mindful eating, and more. If you would like to meet with one of our counselors, you can read up on each one and see who is the right fit for you.

What We Do

As nutrition counselors for Healthy Aggies, we believe in advocating for heathy habits and living the most whole and balanced life possible. Through our monthly newsletter, Healthy Aggies blog and social media accounts, we provide evidence based information on a variety of nutrition and health topics. Additionally, we facilitate both formal and informal counseling sessions open to UC Davis students and members of the community.

Informal counseling sessions take place during our free nutrition drop-in hours all throughout the week. Drop in advising sessions are limited to 15 minutes in which clients are welcome to ask any nutrition related questions they have, dispel food and diet myths, or inquire about nutrition and health related resources on campus. For a longer and more in depth nutritional consultation, take a look at our formal counseling session description below.

Formal counseling sessions consist of a one hour, private analysis of the client’s diet and health habits. We perform motivational interviewing, a highly effective form of counseling, to uncover potential hindrances from achieving optimal health and work with clients to develop new strategies moving forward. A formal nutrition counseling session is included in the initial personal training package or can be purchased independently.

What We Can’t Do

We take great pride in offering the most evidence based, unbiased and pertinent information possible to the UC Davis community; however there are some limitations to what we can ethically provide to clients. We cannot give medical advice regarding specific conditions or illnesses nor can we provide a detailed meal plan; however we can direct clients to the appropriate resources on campus for such requests.

Social Media

Instagram: @ucdhealthyaggies

Facebook: Healthy Aggies at UC Davis

Blog: healthyaggies.com