The Craft Center is the perfect place to develop your creative skills. We provide a comfortable atmosphere that encourages beginners as well as more experienced crafters. The Craft Center offers 10 different fully-equipped studios, including ceramics, woodworking, screen printing, glass, flame working, jewelry, welding, photography, textiles (sewing, weaving and dyeing), and arts and crafts. The Craft Center offers more than 90 classes each quarter, ranging from one-day workshops to seven-week courses. The classes are small so you get an abundance of one-on-one attention. After developing a skill, you may purchase a day or quarter pass to use the studios whenever our classes are not in session.

Spring registration begins on April 1 at 12:30 p.m.

Permission codes are required to register in intermediate and advanced classes to ensure that the students have the necessary experience for the classes. In order to obtain a permission code, the student must have either taken a beginning class at the Craft Center or received an orientation to the studio. Note that welding and woodworking do not have orientations and instead require qualifications. Please call the Craft Center at 530-752-1475 for the permission code.

Our refund policy is that a refund may only be granted if we cancel the class or if we are able to sell your spot to someone on the waiting list.

The waitlist is for those who wish to register for a class that is already full. We will need to know your full name, phone number, and section(s) you're interested in. If someone wishes to sell their spot in the class, we will call customers in the order they appear on the waitlist and give each person 24 hours to confirm their interest before moving on to the next. However, if the class is scheduled to start in two days or less, the 24 hour grace period is lifted and the first person who replies with a confirmation that they would like to register for the class will get the spot.