The 13,000 square-foot Fitness Center, located just behind the Information Desk is the largest fitness area within the ARC. With 43 different pieces of cardio equipment, members are able to develop their own exercise routines and work toward their personal fitness goals.

Fitness Room Dimensions and Features

  • 110’8” x 117’6”

  • Rubberized tile floor
  • Ceiling fans for ventilation

Machines featured in the Fitness Center

  • Hammer Strength
  • Life Fitness
  • Matrix
  • Precor
  • Cybex
  • Stair Master
  • Keiser

The Fitness Entertainment Theatre, comprised of nine televisions with corresponding FM radio frequencies, allows members to watch their favorite shows while working out.

Fitness Center Rules/Guidelines

  • No shoes on mats.
  • No bags allowed in Fitness Center. Please use free locker spaces in the ARC.
  • 30 minute limit on cardio equipment when people are waiting.
  • Please be courteous and wipe down equipment after use. Spray paper towel and not equipment.
  • If equipment is not operating properly, please notify a staff member.
  • The use of chalk is not permitted.
  • Please re-rack weights.
  • Please do not drop plates or dumbbells.
  • Please allow people to work out in between sets.
  • No private instruction (at discretion of ARC management).
  • Do not remove barbells from designated benches or power racks.
  • Do not move yellow weight benches from rack area.
  • Must wear proper athletic attire:
    • No jeans or cutoffs.
    • No belts.
    • No opened toed footwear.
    • Shirts must be worn at all times.