Glass Sandblasting

Using a pressurized blasting unit, ornate and intricate designs can be etched into virtually any glass surface, including bowls, plates, wine glasses and mirrors. Flat glass and resist are included in the class price. Students can bring other glass pieces to class (Two classes; includes sandblasting class pass).

Glass Casting

Learn how to create 3-D sculptures out of glass. You will be creating a design with clay, making a plaster mold from your design, and then casting your design in glass. The first class includes a mandatory safety review so attendance is required. Firings are included in the class price. Glass is available for purchase at the Craft Center. (Four classes; includes glass fusing class pass.)


Glass Suncatchers

In this two-day workshop, students will learn to cut and grind glass, apply copper foil, and solder the finished pieces. Expect to complete one or two simple suncatchers. Supplies are included in the class price and patterns are provided. Additional supplies are availiable for purchase at the Craft Center.

Class includes orientation.