The Department of Campus Recreation and Unions supports the academic mission of UC Davis by providing outstanding recreation and leisure experiences, serving as a dynamic and inviting center, and fostering a culture of engagement and community.

In support of this mission, the department facilitates and supports wellness, leadership, collaborative partnerships and student development.

Department Strategic Plan

Over an eight-month period, the entire staff of the Department of Campus Recreation and Unions engaged in a series of planning retreats and exercises. We used "A Vision of Excellence" as our primary foundational document. Additionally, we reviewed trends affecting collegiate recreation and high education and how these trends might influence our programs, services and facilities, as well as our constituents in the future. These trends reinforced the foundational resources and helped create a roadmap for the development of our strategic areas of focus. Subsequently, we did an organizational analysis to see how we were positioned to address these goals over the next three to five years. Finally an external review team evaluated our planning in coordination with department resources [human, financial and physical] to ensure our areas of focus were appropriate and attainable.

The result of all of these efforts is the creation of this strategic plan, Achieving Excellence – A Framework for Serving the UC Davis Community, 2012-2015. It includes a series of goals, strategies and metrics that will guide our efforts, both as a comprehensive department and as individual units within our department. It will allow us to continue to achieve our mission, in ways that are consistent with our philosophic orientation and values, and our commitment to the greater objectives of our university.