Campus Recreation promotes well-being in the UC Davis community through personal development and involvement in our dynamic programs, services and facilities.


We create an inclusive and engaging environment that inspires passion, excellence and a healthy quality of life.     


Inclusion –– Dedicated to creating welcoming recreational programs and safe spaces that reflect the diversity and ever-changing population of our participants.

Integrity – Fully embracing the principles of community; we listen, respect, encourage and celebrate.

Fiscal Responsibility – Ethical stewards of resources using funds in the most efficient, transparent and effective manner.

Well-being- A personal journey to be healthy and happy through the incorporation of all dimensions of wellness.

Student Focus -Decision-making and allocation of resources that serve and support student success through the delivery of our programs, services and facilities.

Sustainability- Operates in an environmentally friendly manner and work to ensure longevity of our investments.

Innovation - Creativity and forward thinking to develop new solutions to improve and enhance our programs, services and facilities.

Collaboration – Work cohesively with our partners to achieve goals and find solutions in a meaningful way.

Student Development – Support opportunities for both students and staff to grow personally and professionally to help reach their potential throughout college and beyond.

Risk Management – A proactive community to minimize risk for all participants of our programs, services and facilities.