Aerobic Classes

Cycle (30 min)

Group Cycle is a safe and effective way to get the heart pumping and body moving in a non-impact, exhilarating cardiovascular workout. The instructor will take you on a journey that explores the mind/body connection ending with an incredible energetic and invigorating feeling. Group Cycling is for people of all ages and fitness levels because you have the ability to control your intensity.

Functional Framework (45-60 min)

Functional Framework is an exercise program designed to condition and connect the body and mind through progressive movement patterns and activities. The program combines moderate cardiovascular exercise with core conditioning, toning and proper body alignment activities. You will lengthen and strengthen your entire body while improving balance, posture, strength and functional mobility.

Mind/Body Classes

Any Body Yoga (45 min)

This dynamic class weaves together breath work, movement and holding poses in order to improve balance, alignment, flexibility and body awareness. Each class centers around an anatomical theme that strengthens and stretches a specific area of the body (e.g. shoulders, hips, back, etc.). Variations of poses and modifications are offered so that poses are accessible for all. It is recommended that participants wear non-restrictive clothing and perform the class with bare feet.

Yoga Stretch (20-30 min)

This restorative class works to help participants properly stretch out their muscles after a workout.  Taught by a trainer or group exercise instructor, patrons will be led through various stretches that will target areas that normally get tight if not stretched after working out. Incorporating some mind/body elements, the class will usually end in a final resting pose to help enhance relaxation and stress relief.

Strength Classes

Muscular Strength (45 min)

Non-aerobic, total body conditioning class utilizing weights, body bars and bands to challenge major muscle groups.

Walk N Strength Circuit (60 min)

Combines a walking and stair climbing circuit at the Pavilion’s indoor track with full body muscular strength exercise stations. The strength training stations will incorporate a fun mix of exercises utilizing body weight, dumbbells, bands and much more. 

Lifetime Fitness Circuit (35 min)

This time-efficient workout provides a "one-stop" approach for those who want to improve total-body strength. The Lifetime Fitness Circuit machines address strength-training needs in a controlled setting. The instructor will provide guidance and assistance in setting each individual up on the Life Fitness machines. Class will consist of alternating between machines at predetermined time intervals, followed by stretching.