Hand Tool Techniques

An introductory course to hand tool uses, traditional techniques, and maintenance.  The class will cover a broad spectrum of hand tool techniques, how to properly use and maintain a variety of tools, as well as how to refurbish old hand tools to make them usable again.  

Perfect for the experienced and those brand new to woodworking, the knowledge of how to use hand tools allows anyone to work wood even if they don't have the space or funds for large expensive machines.  Users will be provided with sufficient sandpaper and glue to cover projects. (Five classes.)

Sewing (Beginning)

Our instructors will teach students how to use a sewing machine and how to understand a pattern to make clothing or accessories. The instructor will recommend simple projects that are appropriate for beginners. Students may use our machines or bring their own. The instructor will provide a supply list at the first class. (Six classes; includes sewing class pass.)

Class includes Studio Orientation. 

Weaving - Table Loom

This class is for students who wish to learn and/or review the basics of weaving; how to calculate and wind a warp, dress a loom, and read drafts (patterns). Finishing techniques, yarn options, and color theory will also be covered. Students will weave at least one small project, such as a scarf, towel, or placemat. Each weaver will have exclusive use of a 4 shaft table loom. To finish your project, it is recommended you weave between classes as well.

Piecing and Quilting (Beginning)

Learn basic piecing techniques, reading a pattern, cutting fabric using a rotary cutter, fabric selection, basting, basic quilting designs, and hand finishing. In order to complete a sampler wall-hanging or a baby-sized quilt, time outside of class is highly recommended. One bobbin, one spool of all-purpose thread, and batting for quilts are included in the sale price. More bobbins and thread are available for purchase at the Craft Center. (Seven classes; includes sewing class pass.)

Clothing Repair Workshop

In this one-day workshop students will learn how to sew by hand and machine to repair seams, hem clothing, patch holes, attach buttons and fix zippers. You may bring your own clothes from home or practice on cloth supplied in the class. (One class)

Intro to Marble Making

In this two day workshop students will explore basic marble making techniques including how to gather and mold glass into a sphere. Design techniques will cover internal work such as vortexes and implosions as well as surface work such as dot stacks, pinwheels, and wrap and rakes. Students will also be introduced to silver fuming as well as setting gilson opals in glass.  

Amigurumi: Crochet Toys

Learn the Japanese art of crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. The basics of crochet will be covered while completing one toy. Materials for the first project are included in the class price. Approximate cost of supplies not included in class price: $0-20 for additional yarn and hooks for your own project, if desired. (Five classes.)

Glass Bead Making (Beginning)

In this two-day workshop, students will be shown how to use our flameworking torches to shape beads, add color and adorn their creations with simple design elements. The first portion of the class includes important safety information, so students must arrive on time. Wear cotton clothes and close-toed shoes. Most supplies are included in the class price, and additional glass rods are available for purchase at the Craft Center.


Glass Screenprinting

In this class, students will use the screen printing process to print their own designs, drawings, or photographs onto a flat piece of glass. The images are printed by pressing powdered glass through a silk screen stencil. The powdered glass is then melted, or fused, in a kiln onto a flat piece of glass creating a single piece of glass with an image fused directly onto it. (Six classes; includes screenprinting and glass fusing class passes.)

Lathe Techniques

After a general orientation to using a lathe, the instructor will cover roughing out, scraping, cutting, and finishing techniques. Certification for the wood studio is required for this class. The instructor will provide a supply list at the first class (Seven classes; includes lathe class pass).