Zumba-thon 2018

a classroom of people doing Zumba together

Shut up and dance! Just kidding about the shut up part. We actually like the noise!

To celebrate the department's missions, activity, and most importantly, our Campus Recreation users, we hold 1–2 Zumba-thons a year. These events are free and are taught by certified instructors. They're meant to be fun, inclusive, and high-energy!

In addition, the Zumba-thon events usually partner with Student Health and Counseling Services–Health Education and Promotion and the UC Davis Body Project to help spotlight campaigns that promote positive body image!

The NEXT UPCOMING Zumba-thon scheduled is:

  • Date: Monday, November 5th, 2018
  • Time: 7–9 p.m.
  • Location: ARC Multi-Activity Court (MAC Gym)
  • Price: FREE to all Campus Rec Students/Members


What should I wear?

Any kind of workout attire works. Loose, breathable, allows you to move, etc. You also do need to wear supportive close-toed athletic shoes too. It's a safety thing.

Do I need dance experience?

NOPE! Come as you are and have a good time! This is not a skills class. It's a dance party! So whether you're a slave to the beat or you walk to the beat of your own drum, just come and move! You're totally fine!

Do I need to purchase a GX pass?

Nope! This event is free. Just a note to GX pass owners though...some of our regularly scheduled classes that evening will be canceled for the sake of the event. Please stay tuned.

Can non-CR members attend?

Yes, but they will need to purchase a day pass to access the facility though. Please stop at the membership desk when you enter via the La Rue entrance of the ARC.

Where is the MAC?

It's accessed via the La Rue entrance of the ARC. When you come in, you'll swipe in then it will be your first right after the home gym machines.

Do I need to bring anything?

We suggest bringing water and a towel. If you plan to move the whole 2 hours, maybe a light snack would help too!  

May I come late?

Of course!  Just make sure you warm-up when you arrive as the class will already be underway. Please don't jump right in as that is hard on your body.