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Beginnger's Guide to Thru-Hiking (Part II)

By Colleen McVay | May, 2020

Welcome back to part II of a Beginner’s Guide to Thru-Hiking! After researching, trail planning, and registering your hike (check out my last article for more details), the real fun can begin! This article will discuss the physical preparation and gear selection that goes into your thru-hike.

Physical Training: 

Interview with Chris Burkard

Interview with Chris Burkard

May 8th, 2020

We asked legendary outdoor photographer, writer, and explorer, Chris Burkard, how he got his start in photography, what initially attracted him to pursue a life in the outdoors, and advice he would give to aspiring photographers. Check out our interview with him below!


OA: Was there a certain point in your career when you realized that this [photography] is what you wanted to do?