Handbuilding Basics

Students will learn to fabricate forms by combining simple pinch pots, slabs and coils, as well as shaping hollow forms, texturing the clay surface, and glazing the final product. Glazes, firings, and one bag of clay are included in the class price. Class price adjusted to include one bag of clay for pickup at the craft center. Additional clay can be bought for $10 a bag. Wear old clothes and closed-toe shoes.

 (Five classes; includes ceramics class pass)

Raku Potluck

Raku is a dynamic glaze firing process that produces spectacular results. Beginners are welcome in this one-day workshop, where students will learn the basics of raku and participate in the glazing and firing of pre-bisqued pieces. Glazes are included in the class price. Students can bring their own bisqued pieces or learn the technique using bisqueware abandoned at the Craft Center. Participants should bring a potluck dish to share.

Please note: Class is held outside, so please wear appropriate clothing.


Handbuilt Teapot Workshop

The teapot workshop is an overview of teapot construction, design and function. This class will show students how to construct teapots using handbuilding techniques, as well as provide valuable insight to the unique challenges that potters face while constructing teapots of various forms (Three classes).

Ceramic Forms and Handles

This class focuses on applying handles to ceramic vessels whether it be for a mug, pot, dish, etc. We will be using both hand built ceramic  handles and various other materials. Students will learn various techniques and styles of handle making along with beginning wheel throwing. 

Class includes Studio Orientation. 

Beyond Handbuilding

Beyond Handbuilding: Texture. Coiling, and Extrusion

This class assumes you know the basics of handbuilding: joining techniques, the use of templates, properties of clay bodies, basic forming techniques and glazing. This is an intermediate level class. Students can be creative, using basic techniques in making their forms, but adding more varying textures, combining extruded parts with handbuilt parts, building larger pieces with coils, and exploring sculpture as opposed to functional pieces. (Five classes.)

Class includes Studio Orientation. 

Wheelthrowing (Beginning)

Instructors will focus on making students comfortable with the kick wheel, so they can learn throw a few basic forms such as cylinders, bowls, and cups. Glazing techniques will also be covered and students can expect to produce some finished pieces. Glazes, firings, and one 25-pound bag of clay are included in the class price. More clay is available for purchase at the Craft Center. (Seven classes; includes ceramics class pass.)

Class includes orientation.

Tall Throwing

Students will learn how to throw large forms, such as vases and bowls, and how to increase the height of thrown pieces. This is an intermediate level class and has prerequisites. First bag of clay, glazes, and firings are included in the class price. Clay is available for purchase at the Craft Center. (Seven classes; includes ceramics class pass.)

Glaze Workshop

In this single workshop, students will learn a variety of creative techniques to enhance the results of our glazes, underglazes, and oxides. Participants should bring four bisque-fired pieces to the class. All other supplies are included. (One class.)

Prerequisites: Previous ceramic experience and own bisque pieces.