Arts and Crafts

Imaginative Gesture Drawing

Students will learn to draw the human figure, applying the concepts of contour, shading, composition, and perspective introduced in Beginning Drawing to the study of the human form. The class will use charcoal and pencil to draw portraits, self portraits, and full figure drawings of models. Model fees and drawing supplies for use in class are included in the class fee. Beginning Drawing or some previous drawing experience is recommended. 

Ukrainian Egg Dyeing

Pysanky, derived from a Ukrainian word meaning to write, is the name for eggs decorated using a wax-resist method to create simple or intricate designs. In this one day workshop, students will learn to “write” on their eggs with a specialized tool and hot wax to create multi-layered designs with brightly colored dyes. Participants should bring two or three raw eggs, a candle holder, and a tapered candle. All other supplies, including a take-home kit, are included in the class price.

Relief Printmaking

Create your own limited edition and one-of-a-kind colorful prints using traditional methods. You will learn basic carving and printing techniques in linoleum for both press and non-press printing. Paper, ink, and basic tools will be provided for use in class, and the instructor will provide information for students who wish to purchase their own tools and supplies. (Five classes.)

Class includes Studio Orientation. Includes printmaking class pass.

Candle Making

Learn how to make candles! This class will teach the basics of color and scents in candles to add onto more complicated designs in later classes. Different substances and themes will be used to help anyone make a candle for any occasion, holiday, theme, or design. (Five classes.)

Book Binding

Make your own beautiful books! The class will emphasize the visual and tactile aspects of the book and how to use color, design and texture in the process of fabrication. The terminology, styles, materials and tools of bookbinding will be covered and creative design will be encouraged! (Three classes)

Please note: Attendance of the fist class is mandatory. Class includes access to bookbinding supplies outside of class.

Soap Making

Students will learn how to create soap from lye, including mixing the fats, molding the mixture, and adding scents and color. The milling process will be covered, and participants will also learn to make simple glycerine soap in the microwave. All supplies are included in the class price. Please bring a lunch for class. (One class.)


Zentangle is a form of artistic meditation through a very specific method of deliberate intention that produces non-objective drawings composed of patterns (tangles) that can be viewed from all four sides. Zentangle is about process, not outcome. The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. No prior drawing experience needed. (One class.)

Drawing (Beginning)

Drawing is the most fundamental form of art and students will explore different techniques on paper using charcoal, pencil, pen and ink etc. They will learn how to look at objects in a contemporary way using traditional materials. Drawing supplies are included for use in class, and the instructor will provide information for those students who wish to purchase additional supplies. (Three classes.)

Cake Decorating

Learn the basics of fondant and learn how to make fondant at home. Learn how to prepare a round cake for fondant by measuring the cake and the fondant amount needed for each size of the cake. Learn how to get perfectly smooth fondant and learn basic fondant techniques such as quilting, swags, inlays, and overlays. (Three classes.)

Note: Students will NOT be working with a real cake, but with a styrofoam form.